VIDEO: Travis Feeney Pro Day Interivew spoke with Travis Feeney after Washington's Pro Day at the Dempsey Indoor Thursday. The 6-foot-4, 218-pound linebacker prospect didn't participate because of a recent sports hernia surgery. Is that going to hurt Feeney's draft stock as he works his way closer to the 2016 NFL Draft?

How are you feeling? - “Feeling good. Just had (sports hernia) surgery two weeks out. End of April I’ll be full-go, healthy. Ready to go.”

When did that injury pop up? - “I’ve been dealing with it the whole year. Really found out about it when I went down for training. We got it done. After my rehab I’ll be ready to go, about four more weeks.”

So the testing you did at the combine were with the injury? - “Yup. My testing numbers, I wasn’t full 100 percent. I was about 80, 70 percent - if that.”

Was there a thought about having the surgery sooner? - “No. There was no thought about putting off the combine. Combine was definitely going to be done. That was my decision. I was going to run in the combine no matter what. As far as the surgery went, we talked a couple weeks after, decided to get it done.”

Will it affect your stock or where you think you should go? - “No, I don’t think the surgery will hurt me at all. It’s a really quick surgery, there’s no pain.”

How much excitement, knowing how close the draft is? - “I’m anxious, man. I’m nervous. I just want it to be here already. I just want to get it done with. But I’m enjoying the experience. Not a lot of people get to be in my shoes. I’m blessed. I’m just taking it for what it is.”

Any advice from last year’s UW draftees? - “Yeah, just enjoy the experience. Danny said to try and be like him at the combine, but that wasn’t happening. He can get away with it at 307 pounds; I’m not getting away with it at 230 pounds. But just enjoy the process, just enjoy the time you have now.”

Anything that needed to be done with your shoulders after the season? - “Nah, I’m good. I’m ready to go. My shoulders feel good. I’ve played through things before, I’ve always played through things. I take that as a good thing; I missed only one game here my whole career. Not many people can say that. I missed one game because of soreness. But I feel good. My shoulders feel fine." Top Stories