VIDEO: DC Pete Kwiatkowski on Day Three

Washington Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski spoke to the media after Day Three of UW Spring Football, held on the east field next to Husky Stadium on a beautiful Friday morning.

On practice today “Good. Good energy, flying around. Good third day.”


On more continuity in practice “Yeah. The guys are just more comfortable with their assignments and alignments and what they’re supposed to do. When the quarterback changes the play, we have the ability to change it or mess with the offense a little bit.”


On the BUCK and SAM positions “We’re trying to find who those guys are going to be. We have a lot of different guys. We don’t know who it’s going to be. If someone is playing SAM, it might end up being the BUCK. If someone is playing BUCK, it might end up being SAM. We have a lot of new guys that haven’t played a lot. Freshman, redshirt freshman, that kind of stuff. It’s wide open. It might be an inside backer that ends up at one of those positions. We have the ability to differentiate between the base package and a sub package. The base SAM might be different than the sub package and the same thing with the BUCK and our defensive end in our sub package. Bottom line is we’re still trying to find out who the top guys are and the hierarchy and how it’s going to work.”


On Joe Mathis trying BUCK out last year before Travis Feeney took over “Yeah. We’re trying to get our best guys on the field. Last spring he played a lot of BUCK. Then Travis (Feeney) was healthy and stayed healthy. Then we had Joe (Mathis) behind Travis so we moved Joe to another position to give him an opportunity to get on the field. That’s balancing act with all our guys. Trying to get the best 11 out there and then the next guys and trying to mix and match who does what.”


Do you experiment more in spring practice? “Oh yeah. For sure. Not so much schematically – a little bit schematically – but mostly just see if a guy can fit in here or a guy can fit in there at different positions. This is the time to do it. The biggest thing is about the fundamentals: block protection, getting off blocks, eyes, what are fundamentals are by position and getting dialed into that, tackling, leverage, and all those type of things that every position on the football field has to do some sort of – they have a fundamental that’s universal. You take away the assignments and what they’re supposed to do based off the call, and what’s football about? It’s about blocking and tackling. So all those things that go into that is taught.”


Do you talk about last year’s success? “We talk about last year was last year and that’s in the past. That’s about it. That’s all we talk about. It’s about getting better. We’re better today and now it’s about getting better tomorrow. If we can keep that mindset about always working to get better, the rest of that will take care of itself.”

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