VIDEO: OC Jonathan Smith on Day Three

Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith spoke to the media after Day Three of UW Spring Football, held on the east field next to Husky Stadium on a beautiful Friday morning.

On Jake Browning seeming more comfortable “He does. He is comfortable obviously having gone through it for a year now. He can feel it out there in terms of his command. I think he’s had a good couple of days here. Obviously we want him to continue to improve and gain some ground in a couple areas, but we like where he’s at. I think the other guys behind him are working and there’s some push there in kind of where that’s going to play kind of two, three. KJ (Carta-Samuels) has done some good things the first couple of days. This is the first time Tony Rodriguez is getting some turns with the ones and twos. It’s been really good for those guys and we’re anxious to see them progress.”


More on Jake Browning getting more comfortable “He does. No question. The mental and maturity continues to grow. But we’re still on the physical side. We want to get a little bit stronger; we want to move around a little better than we got from in the first year. He’s put on a little weight. You can see the change of his body and so getting comfortable with all of that.”


Is it strange not having Jeff Lindquist at quarterback “It is. Sometimes I still find myself going and talking to him. But Jeff (Lindquist) does some good things over there catching the ball. The guy knew the offense pretty well. He’s able to get in there pretty quick.”


On Andre Baccellia “He’s shown some real flashes. He’s gotten some separation on some routes. He’s got a skill set that way. He’s got to continue to learn the offense. The more install comes he has to be able to play fast. He’s a guy that’s pushing for playing time, no question.”


On David Ajamu “He had a great fall camp last camp and he was in the mix for playing a little bit before he took the injury in the fall. He’s gone out there and done some really good things, caught a couple balls today. He’s a part of that group, the tight ends, that can do some things for us. We like what he does for the team.”


On Jomon Dotson “He has a little bit of a different dimension because he can run and catches the ball really well. It’s good for hi to continue to get turns. It’s good for him to continue to get turns. He had a couple nice runs today. There’s no question, obviously with Myles coming back and continuing to feel like he’s going to be a good player, but we need a couple of backs and Jomon (Dotson) has a chance to step into that role.”


On the plethora of tight ends “You talk about finding a way to get them out there and serve roles. A little bit in the spring we’re just trying to establish this is our base package. As you get into the season you do more of true game planning. Right now, we’re teaching fundamentals to those kids, seeing what they can and can’t do, and we go from there.”


Are tight ends basically big receivers? “It’s kind of a difference. You think about Josh Perkins, he was a big receiver. He would split out and play wide. Guys who have more weight on them, Drew Sample, David Ajamu, Will Dissly, those guys are more line of scrimmage types that can be physical and still catch the ball. There’s a little bit of two different types going on.”


Any new plans for the offense you’re trying to get at this spring? “Yeah, a little bit of flavor. We’re still doing a lot of the same stuff so we can improve on that. We talk a lot about the younger guys, they need to continue to improve; that’s what spring ball is all about. But there are some tweaks that we’re taking a look at for sure.”


Can you experiment more in spring than fall? “Yeah. We’re experimenting some stuff. Sometimes it doesn’t look very good; well that’s what we’re trying to find out. You’d rather find out now in the spring than the fall. There are some things that we might or might not do that we’re doing now in the spring.”


How does a year without quarterback controversy feel different? “It’s way better. You’ve got some background with some guys. Last year you went through, Jake (Browning) played a good amount, KJ (Carta-Samuels) got a start, did some things where we have an idea of what he’s all about. It’s completely different from what we did last year.”


On having John Ross back? “It’s good. There’s no question he has flashes of explosiveness. We have to continue to get him more and more comfortable playing the position and keep him up and healthy. But there’s no question that he can play full time receiver like he’s doing. He’s going to make some explosive plays.” Top Stories