VIDEO: WR Coach Bush Hamdan on Day Three

Washington's Receivers Coach Bush Hamdan spoke to the media after Day Three of UW Spring Football, held on the east field next to Husky Stadium on a beautiful Friday morning.

On his transition to receiver’s coach “It’s been good. I think one of the big advantages was spending last year with coach Smith and the quarterbacks. And now the transition to receivers has been relatively smooth.”


Has being a part of the program for a while helped in terms of building relationships with players? “Yeah I think so. You start to at least get to know the guys. And, like you said, it takes a lot of time to kind of know what triggers a guy here and there and how to kind of push his buttons and when to lay off. That’s definitely something. Developing those relationships is critical at our position.”


On Connor Griffin “I think any time we make any position switch as a staff it’s what we think is best for the player. And obviously he’s been extremely receptive to it. For him, he’s done a really nice job. It’s a daily thing. It’s not going to happen over night. It’s a lot of different things the further away you get from the ball. He’s doing a great job and we’re excited about him the rest of this spring.”


On John Ross III “I think the best thing for me from a John Ross stand point is just a leadership thing. He’s a guy that comes out and works extremely hard everyday, leads by example. I would say the same thing with him too. People always have these expectations. He has to just take one day at a time, one rep at a time, and obviously ease his way back into this thing. We’re extremely excited to have him back.”


On leadership at the receiver position “I would say there are certainly a couple guys that we’re leaning on to take that role. But I think when you look at somebody who’s kind of been through what John Ross has been through, had to deal with that adversity, I think there’s just a lot of respect that he gains.”


On Andre Baccellia “I think from the day that he got here about a year and a half ago we always thought that there was something there. And I think he’s getting on opportunity now and he’s getting an opportunity to get a bunch of reps. We’ve been pleased with him. We’re only in practice three and keep urging him to put 15 consistent practices together. But he’s a guy that’s getting better that we’re really excited about.” Top Stories