VIDEO: Jake Browning on Day Five spoke Monday with Jake Browning about spring so far, what he's been working on, his early chemistry with John Ross, and dealing with the wind - as he had to during UW's fifth day of spring ball.

How have things gone through the first five practices? - “Doing well, just trying to compete and get better on offensive every day.”

How has it been going up against the best defense in the Pac-12? - “They’ve lost some people that they are trying to replace too, so it’s a new season. I don’t think they are too caught up in what happened last year. Being able to go up against guys like Budda, Sidney and those DB’s…to be able to go against them just makes us better. Enough about them; we’ve got to compete with them and we’ve got to score.”

What was the biggest thing for you in the off-season? - “Get better at the deep ball, get on time with (John) Ross and being able to connect on deep balls.”

What has it been like working with Ross? - “Good. He’s fast. I think he’s become a route technician a little more than before the injury, but obviously he’s athletic, really fast. A new guy to have out there personality-wise too.”

Did you go back to see what he was able to do the year before? - “Yeah. I saw a lot of that. Like I said, I think he’s more of a route technician now in understanding when he needs to get open. He’s going to get open; but here’s where he needs to, this is where the route is and stuff like that. But that’s how I learned the offense, I watched a bunch of film from the year before I got here.”

Can you ever get comfortable throwing with the wind here? - “Even in high school you don’t think about it. If you have to adjust, you have to adjust. But you’ve got to be able to play in whatever.”

When working on the deep ball, how do you do that? Is it all mechanical, or feel? - “I think it’s a little bit of both. Getting on timing with receivers is a big thing, but mechanics too. When I started throwing the deep ball it would come up a little bit, not staying in my stance and things like that. Just working on little things like that and making cut-ups of the deep ball and here’s where I need to get better, and here’s where the receiver is and I need to get it to and just getting the timing - one-on-ones, things like that, and trying to throw a lot of deep balls.”

Considering how hard the position battle was last year for the starting spot, where are your emotions at now that the pecking order is firmly established? - “I still have the same mentality. If you lose that mentality you’re not going to get better.”

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