VIDEO: Will Dissly on Day Five spoke Monday to Tight End Will Dissly about his switch to offense, who initiated the switch, his favorite part about playing tight end, as well as what has been his toughest challenge moving from the defensive line.

Bowl game was the first time you tried tight end? - “Yeah. I played in high school, but yeah with the Huskies. They had me do some goal-line stuff at Oregon. I’ve been in the mix a little bit.”

What was that conversation like? - “They were like, ‘hey, we can give you a shot to see what you can do. Are you interested in playing tight end?’ and I’m trying to help the team out and trying to find the field. It’s a good fit.”

Has it been fun so far? - “Yeah. I love the room Darrell has done a great job leading and I have my roommate out there, Drew Sample. He’s really helping me with learning the playbook. Even the whole room is just a fun time being around.”

What’s your favorite part and what’s your hardest part? - “My favorite part is probably catching the ball. It’s fun to learn the offense. I love the game of football and anything I can do to enhance my knowledge of that is awesome. And definitely the hardest part is learning the playbook. When I first started the transition in OTA’s, I was trying to get lined up properly and learning all the formations and trying not to get yelled at. Coach Paopao does a great job of installing it pretty good. It’s been alright.”

How’s the mentality different now? - “The nice thing about offense is you know where you’re going. On defense you’re reacting, so it almost helps me play a little quicker on the offensive side of the ball. One thing you have to focus on is your feet and keeping your feet tight, whereas on defense you can be more attacking and run through guys and cause a little more havoc. On offense you have to be systematic to play.”

Did you have to transform your body at all? - “Just slowly but surely. We’ll see come spring ball what the final plan will be and then I’ll work on my body weight. I’m right around 270 and I’m feeling good, so it’s not really a big deal.”

Last year frustrating because you couldn’t get on the field? - “I came in with high expectations for myself, high goals of starting and making honorable mention Pac-12, but the way it unfolded our defense was successful and that’s all you can ask for. Just trying to be ambitious and take each day and trying to get better, I felt like I was plateauing a little bit and falling behind those guys. Working on special teams as much as I could, trying to be on kickoff, punt, PAT, and they were like, ‘Do you want to be on offense too?’, and I was like, ‘the more the merrier. Let’s do it.’” Top Stories