VIDEO: Dante Pettis on Day Five's Kim Grinolds spoke to junior receiver Dante Pettis after Day Five of Washington's spring ball campaign, held Monday morning on the east field next to Husky Stadium.

On camp this year “It’s more just we fit into the system now. Obviously they have specific things we like to use them for. Now they’re gone so it’s like ‘how can we use the guys that we’ve got?’ It’s not so much like ‘oh they’re gone, who’s going ot step up and take they’re spot.’ It’s more work with what we’ve got.”


On the transition with coach Hamdan “It’s honestly been pretty easy. He was here all last year so it’s not like he’s someone completely new. We had a good relationship with him before. He was always around us joking around and stuff. It honesly hasn’t been hard.”


How are coach Hamdan and coach Pease different? “I honestly don’t really have an answer. I guess their energy is different, the way they bring different kinds of energy to the field.”


On the defensive backs “They’re very good. You guys saw last year. In my opinion, the best in the PAC-12, at least. Top in the nation. It’s great to go against them; we get a lot better.”


Anybody stand out to you on defense? “Honestly, I like going against Kevin King. His arms are so long, it’s like you really have to work differently to get around him. It’s not just a certain release you can take.”


On Jordan Miller “He’s gotten way better. He’s gotten bigger, stronger, he’s pretty fast. He’s got long arms too so it’s pretty hard to get around him too.”


On Budda Baker “Budda (Baker) is fun. I honestly don’t go against him that much, but we always talk back and forth. He’s always saying something; I’ll say something back. It’s fun.”


On Jake Browning “Last year he still had the same mentality as he does now so that’s good. He came in like ‘this is my spot, I’m going to take it.’ He came in this year like ‘this is my spot, no one is taking this from me.’ Honestly, that’s what we need.”


Weird being out there without Jaydon Mickens? “Yeah, it is. We don’t have – obviously we still joke around in stuff – but there’s no one like Jaydon Mickens. That guy is one of a kind. He’s funny.”


On Chico McClatcher and Andre Baccellia “Andre (Baccellia) redshirted last year so he didn’t get the experience of playing and practicing as much. Chico (McClatcher) obviously got to play in some of the games. And really with coach Hamdan coming in, he’s working on different aspects of their game like getting them better in certain areas. It’s obviously paying off.”


On his vertical at the combine “If I’m warmed up I know I can jump. The problem with me is it takes a long time for me to actually get warm, so I didn’t think that I was going to jump that high then. I knew I could do it, I just didn’t think I was going to.”


What was your vertical jump number and what’s the highest you’ve ever jumped? “41 (inches). Honestly I’ve only tested like three times. It was fun. I honestly, like I said, didn’t think that I was going to get that high right then. It was fun.” Top Stories