VIDEO: Jeff Lindquist on Day Five's Kim Grinolds spoke to senior tight end Jeff Lindquist Monday after Day Five of Washington's spring football campaign about the off-season switch from quarterback.

How do you like tight end? “It’s different, but I enjoy it so far. It’s fun to get out there and help the team.”


What do you like about it? “It’s fun catching passes. It’s kind of fun. And a lot of the o-lineman are my best friends so it’s fun to be next to those guys.”


Have you played a position other than quarterback before? “Sixth grade o-line. A lot of experience.”


Do you like not having the no contact jersey on? “Yeah, it’s fun to be in purple. I don’t get called out by my teammates for being a little wimp, so I just have to go in their and wear more purple.”


On blocking drills “Again, that’s been a piece that’s been new for my obviously. I had a tiny bit of experience with punt and all last year. It’s something that I need to work on, but so far it hasn’t been too tough of a transition.”


Any chance you’ll see snaps at QB in the wildcat? “You’ll have to talk to those guys. I don’t know. Hopefully.”


On the hardest part of the transition “As far as plays go, I obviously already knew most of them. There are a few calls here and there, but that hasn’t been the toughest part. It’s just the different role. I’ve played quarterback for the last eight years of my life so it’s a new position. So it’s kind of just adjusting. It’s kind of a new feel if that makes sense.”


On the transition process “I was a captain of the team last year, so I think it’s kind of my job to help this team win and contribute. I think that that position for me now is at tight end.”


What did you learn about tight end that you didn’t know before? “I thought those guys were machines before hand, so now I get first hand experience of what’s that like. So it’s just kind of being a part of that now.” Top Stories