VIDEO: Darrell Daniels on Day Five

On Monday,'s Kim Grinolds spoke to Washington senior tight end Darrell Daniels after Day Five of UW's spring ball campaign.

Were you happy with your 40 yard dash time at the combine? “Yeah, I was happy. I got pretty excited. Good numbers, good day.”


Is it surprising being a senior? “No, I’m just out there taking it day by day, having fun, going out and competing with my guys and trying to have a great 2016 season.”


On Jeff Lindquist “Jeff (Lindquist) is going to help me lead my group and going to get better every day. Jeff, he’s just another tight end that’s going to go out and compete.”


On getting chippy in practice “That’s just bringing a competitive edge to practice and bringing some energy to practice. We’re going out and competing with the best defense in the PAC-12, so that’s all that is.”


On how different he is than when he got here “I just got more mature and got older as life goes on. I’m just working on becoming a better leader on and off the field and trying to lead my team in the best ways possible.”

On the transition from Sark to coach Petersen “It wasn’t really hard. I was a Sark guy, but coach Petersen was our coach for three years so we’re moving forward with coach Petersen. No more Sark, no more of that ‘Sark guy.’ We’re all one team.”


On his focus this spring “Working on being a great leader and going out and getting better, perfecting my craft as a tight end, and, like I said, working and going to compete everyday.”


On blocking “Blocking is all of effort and I try to play with as much effort as I can. Getting blocks and getting Myles in the open field against safeties is what we want.”


You don’t mind hitting? “No I don’t mind. I like bringing that defensive mind to offense.”


What’s it been like out here this year compared to last year? “We just go out and compete. We’re getting the little things down to details. We got our assignments and, like I said, we’re getting better.”


On the standouts on defense “The usual. The linebackers like Keishawn (Bierria) and Azeem Victor and we have Budda (Baker) out there. He’s making plays too.”


On getting into it with Budda Baker today “Yeah, just a little friendly talk. I win that one every time.”


On Keishawn Bierria and Azeem Victor “Those guys, they’re just physical guys and they’re smart and they bring an edge to the defense that most defenses don’t have. Those guys are physical guys and I love playing with tem.”


On Ben Burr-Kriven “Ben (Burr-Kirven), he has phenomenal effort and he goes out and plays to the best of his abilities. He’s going to be a great football player down the road.”


On Jake Browning “He’s progressing as a leader. He’s getting better. He’s seeing thing on the field he made mistakes on last year. And he’s just working on being a better leader, going out and winning.”


On expectations “Expectations are go and get better everyday, compete, and get ready for the season.” Top Stories