VIDEO: Trevor Walker on Spring Ball Day Six

On Wednesday, spoke with junior safety Trevor Walker about his road back to recovery, redshirting in 2015, spring ball, and more.

How does it feel to be back out there? “It feels real good. I’m out there running around, flying around, getting a lot of reps. It’s just real beneficial. I get to sharpen up on some detail stuff. That’s real good for me.”


On his redshirt year “It was a time that I got to improve coming off an injury. I got to get my feet right. I got to get my knee right. Just a little bit of time for me to rehab and stuff. And I feel like that was the best option for me.”


Did you think you were going to play last year? “Mentally I made that decision during the injury process, so I kind of knew that was the route I wanted to take. I felt like long term that was probably the best decision.”


What did redshirting allow you to focus on? “For the most part I just wanted to get right as far as getting my knee healthy. I didn’t want to rush coming back from an ACL and something bad happening worst-case scenario. I just wanted to make sure I took my time and got everything taking care of.”


Was watching last year motivation to contribute this year? “Yeah, and I mean I know they’re going to have a lot of attention brought to them. Of course another team is going to want to try somebody that’s not those guys. Now it’s my turn to step up this upcoming season hopefully.”


What’s your role? “I don’t know. I’m competing for a spot. It’s just whatever the coaches want for me.” Top Stories