VIDEO: Sidney Jones on Spring Ball Day Six spoke Wednesday with junior cornerback Sidney Jones about spring ball, the chemistry among the defensive backs, and some of the younger players stepping up.

How was the first week? “Pretty good. Just getting back into the flow of things, just making progress.”


How much more comfortable are you today than you were as a freshman? “Oh, big difference. Everything is slowed down. The game is just overall slowed down. Everything became easier. Assignments are easier, just more confident.”


Is the difference more mental or physical? “It’s about the same. About the same.”


On the chemistry of the secondary “We’ve grown since 2014. Taking the next step, we just have to be a unit, come together, and that makes everything just connect.’

Which young guys are stepping up? “Trevor Walker, he’s over there, he was injured last year. He’s going to make a good comeback this year. Jordan Miller is showing up. Jojo (McIntosh), he has some experience; he’s always showing up. Everybody shows up. They make plays; we go crazy.”


Which receivers look good? “(John) Ross and Dante (Pettis) I think. They’ve improved like big time since last year. Ross is looking good coming back.”


What’s it like having John Ross back? “It’s great. He’s explosive. It’s going to be good for our team.”


On Kevin King picking off a lot of Daniel Bridge-Gadd’s passes “Yeah he has a few from him. He doesn’t talk about it. Picks are picks.”

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