VIDEO: Budda Baker on Spring Ball Day Six spoke Wednesday with Washington junior safety Budda Baker after Day Six of UW's spring football campaign.

Did you know you were going to beat everybody when running up the Space Needle? “I didn’t know that. It was a team thing so one fast guy goes first and the last fast guy goes last. We were just trying to strategize it to win.”


Did you try to set a record? “No, we didn’t know anything. We didn’t even know we were going to the Space Needle. All they said was go up the stairs.”


Have you ever lost a gasser here? “I don’t think so. I pride myself in the gassers, running and winning every time.”


Is that because of your competitiveness? “I’ve always being competitive. My family has always been competitive for anything. It can be anything, we’re competitive.”


How much weight have you added? “Last year end of the season I was like 170. I’m 185, so I put on about 15 (pounds).”


What’s your goal weight? “190. Maybe like 195, even a little heavier. Then I lose weight during the season so playing around 190.”


On coach Lake making him drink protein shakes “We have the three refugees, me, Sidney (Jones), and Jordan Miller so if we don’t make our weight everyone runs and we’re just drinking shakes.”


On leadership shifting to the secondary “Of course we feel like more leaders because we’ve always been here. We’ve been here since freshman year, no we’re all juniors. So of course we feel like leaders. We’re just trying to get everyone on the same page, get each other on the same page first, and then everybody else.”


How great can this secondary be “I feel like we can be great. We have a lot of comradery and a lot of us coming together, even going out and doing outside activities, watching film and player practice and all that type of stuff.”


How have you grown since freshman year? “Age wise, size, knowledge mostly. I learned from Marcus (Peters) really. He’s always watching film when I was there. Every time you go in there you see him watching film, so trying to be like him.”


How much does it fire the team up that a lot of the players are returning? “Of course it fires us up. We’re just thinking about right now. We’re in the moment right now. We just got done with the sixth spring ball and the seventh is on Friday, the eight on Saturday, and so on. We’re just thinking about spring ball, getting better, and all the other stuff will take care of itself.”

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