VIDEO: Jonathan Smith on Spring Ball Day 7

The media spoke Friday with Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith, who talked about the growing connection between Jake Browning and John Ross, as well as Browning's overall improvement.

On Jake Browning and John Ross connections “Yeah, no question. It showed up today a couple of times. We’re working on it. And, you know, you’re not going to complete every single one of those, but they connected a couple times today; we’ve had a few throughout the camp. I think there’s some progress there for sure and we can emphasis on trying to get a little more explosive in the pass game. That’s going to show up with those types of balls.”


Have you seen an improvement in Jake Browning’s deep balls this spring? “You know, we did study that quite a bit. It was an emphasis. I think he’s giving guys chances on deep balls. Again, I go back to we aren’t going to complete everyone, but he’s got to give them chances. We’ve got to do a good job running routes. I think he’s building some confidence there. We did look at a couple of his deep balls throughout the year. There’s a couple inconsistencies in his posture when he was throwing those balls, leading to inaccuracy. We’re trying to clean that up and so far so good.”


On Jake Browning’s development in reading defenses “I think he’s grown a ton. He looks a lot different. There’s no question there’s a comfort level and a command he’s got going for him right now. He’s making good decisions with the ball. Really – I even think about this in camp – the only time he’s had a couple errors is when he’s extended the play and tried to make something more than what was there.”


On Jake Browning’s improvements when scrambling “Well, a year in the weight room will do that for you. I do think that he’s getting a little quicker. He’s feeling a little stronger. He’s aware of the speed of play, adjusted to all of that, so I think he’s progressed and getting faster.” Top Stories