VIDEO: Chris Strausser on Spring Ball Day 7 spoke Friday with Washington Offensive Line Coach Chris Strausser after Day Seven of Washington's Spring Football campaign. Strausser spoke about Coleman Shelton's work at center, Andrew Kirkland's flexibility at tackle, and dealing with a lack of numbers during spring.

On Coleman Shelton at center “He’s done well. That’s the only position he hasn’t played since he’s been, so why wouldn’t he go in and try that? And all the same stuff with Coleman (Shelton); he’s just athletic and competitive. There’s been some challenges, never having snapped the ball and all of a sudden you have a 320-pound guy lined up less than an inch from you is a bit of a challenge. But I think he’s responded really well to it. Matt James has been in there playing center; he’s done a nice job. Michael Kniep has played some center for us; he’s had a few snaps this spring. We’re still trying to build some depth there.”


What are the challenges for a guy like Coleman Shelton who has shifted around to multiple different positions?“Each spot has it’s own kind of tweaks that are different. I think at the end of the day for these guys, playing football is playing football. So I think they adjust over time. And certainly in the spring we’re not in the mode that we have to be perfect. We’re out there trying to get better and compete and all that stuff, but now is the time to make some mistakes, which he has done for sure. But he’s out there battling through it.”

How comfortable are you with Andrew Kirkland out at left tackle? “Kirk (Andrew Kirkland) started two games for us at left tackle last year, the last two. Wasn’t anticipating it and he did a good job competing out there. He has a lot of stuff to clean up. He, for whatever reason, was a guy that took a little bit of time to go from the right handed stance to the left handed stance. I think Coleman (Shelton) adapted to that pretty easily while we moved him around last year, but for Kirk it took a little bit of time. He seems to be pretty comfortable. Today, he played both tackles.”


What do you mean when you say Andrew Kirkland has things to ‘clean up?’ “Yeah, getting out of your stance is different; it feels different. Some of the stuff we do in a left handed stance versus a right handed stance is very different.”


On Devin Burleson “I really feel like he’s progressed. I’ve been pleased with what he’s done so far this spring. He’s getting a lot of reps, which is great for him. He’s no longer a guy that hasn’t played a lot of football. We don’t want to approach it that way with him and it’s time for him to take advantage of that 6’7” body and move some guys around. But he’s progressed pretty well.”


On challenging Devin Burleson by putting him out with the ones “Yeah, for sure. And he did that a little bit today. He got some reps with the ones out there. I don’t feel like he’s arrived. I don’t think he feels like he’s arrived. But I think he’s making progress to the point that he can go compete against guys that you’ve got to compete against.”


On Trey Adams “We’ve said it before, but just a long guy with great athleticism and knee bend and pretty good tools. And a guy that came in here at 300 pounds, so we’re trying to spend a year and a half trying to put weight on him. So he came in with a lot of the stuff we were already looking for. Super competitive kid. Who knows, but I think he’s got the tools to be a really, really good player.”


On Matt James gaining some weight “Yeah. He started spring ball at 290, which is about 30 pounds heavier than what he played the season at. I think that’s going to be an important thing for him.”


On being short on bodies for spring practice “I think it’s somewhat typical for spring. I think you’re lucky if you have double digits. So we’ve been ten, nine, eleven. Would I love to have 15 guys? Yeah. But I don’t think that’s totally realistic in spring football.”


Is it difficult to evaluate the group without Trey Adams and Kaleb McGary practicing? “Spring’s a little bit different in terms of I don’t think you really evaluate the group as much you do individuals coming along. We’re not in that mode of trying to find out who the best five are. We haven’t really done a lot of rotating guys with ones and twos because they just need to focus on their own thing and getting better, which I think is a good thing. For guys to get hung up on which group they’re working with right now is not important. We’re always trying to work as a unit and be cohesive and those things are critical for success, but that’s not the focus right now.” Top Stories