Coach Gilbertson Quotes 8/7

Gilbertson addressed a position change, an injury, and who he's been most impressed by through the first two days of fall camp.

On who stood out in conditioning drills on Wednesday: Charles Frederick was phenomenal. Khalif (Barnes) and a lot of the linemen were very good. I thought Frederick was a surprise because he didn't go to summer school. He went home to Florida, so he wasn't with our people all summer. He came back and just sprinted in all 12 110-yard dashes is what he did. He was as good as anybody I've ever seen in that test. I was really impressed with a lot of guys, but at the same time there were a number of guys that I was disappointed with because they didn't work as hard as I had hoped they would and they have some work to do.

On Evan Benjamin's conditioning struggles: I think he's a lot out of shape. He made his times but then he missed the rest of practice. Evan is a guy, like I said yesterday, who needs some conditioning and we will provide him the opportunity to get that extra conditioning.

On his early impressions of the punting/kicking game: I think Sean Douglas has a really live leg. He needs a lot of work fundamentally. I think he needs a lot of technique work, but his leg is as advertised. I have not spent as much time around the place kickers. We felt coming out of spring practice that we were better at place kicking as far as Evan Knudson goes and some of those people goes, then punting. Although I think Garth Erickson and Isaak Woldeit have done a good job. The punting isn't anywhere as consistent as it needs to be. You kick line drives in this league and you'll probably be hearing the other team's fight song. You've got to get the ball up, and hang it, and put it where you need to put it.

On Jim Lambright attending practice: It's tough to keep coaches away from football practice in August, and I just treasure when guys like Jim (Lambright) and Don (James) come around. I'm always going to seek (Lambright's) counsel on things. I'm always going to ask him what he thinks or what he saw. I'll ask him if there is something that jumps out at him or if there is something he sees worth doing. The guy is proven great football coach and this place means a lot to him, so I'm always going to ask his opinion about things.

On what been accomplished through two practices: Without pads on this is no different than P.E. class for me. I think football season will start about Saturday or Sunday when we put gear on and we practice and we play the game at the speed and tempo that you're supposed to play at. Right now it's hard to do some things just because you are in no pads and, like I said, it's P.E. class.

On injuries: Charles Smith cut his hand. He took a ball yesterday and split his finger and got eight stitches in it. It's going to take a couple days before he can catch a ball.

On freshman QB Carl Bonnell: I was impressed with Carl Bonnell the last couple days. I think Carl is a real talent. He's got really good feet, he's got a live arm, he's a smart guy. I think he'll pick up our offense. I don't think our offense is complex, but it's got a wide-range of things. I think he can compete for the backup job. I'm pleased with him after two days, but like I said it's still P.E. class. When it gets real noisy out here then we'll see.

On Casey Tyler: Casey Tyler we moved from tight end to defensive end. He is No. 86 on defense. He was really impressive yesterday bending, moving, changing directions. He's a big, big guy who weighs 285 pounds. So we thought that a guy with that kind of athletic ability would make for a good defensive end. We have six tight ends in our depth at offense. I didn't want a guy to feel like he was trapped in there with seven tight ends. We're not very old there. The oldest guy is a junior. I didn't want him to feel like he was trapped. I think he could get on the field early.

On his feelings on his new contract: I couldn't be more flattered, are you kidding. My life ambitions never really had any dollar signs on them. It was all about coaching, playing, teaching, being around young people, and just the game of football. So I'm just flattered. A football coach's son, that's pretty gratifying.

On his personality: I'm pretty simple. I want a whistle and I want the chalk. That's me. I don't like things complex in that regard - this is what I think and this is what you think, if we can meet some place in the middle lets do it and go. I want to coach this team.

On the schedule for the rest of the week: Tomorrow we get to put some helmets and shoulder pads on so the tempo will pick up and the intensity. Our guys will concentrate on getting their pads down and being a little more physical. We'll have two days like that, then we'll be (at full speed) on Sunday. The installation keeps going on. The young guys have to keep working harder to keep up. The tempo will make it more difficult for the young guys because of the amount of things they have to learn. Now you add in the fact that there are going to be some full-speed collisions and people going faster in pads. Top Stories