VIDEO: Drew Sample on Day Nine spoke Monday with sophomore tight end Drew Sample after Day Nine of Washington's Spring Football campaign. Sample talked about his weight gain in the off-season, as well as the additions of Jeff Lindquist and roommate Will Dissly to the TE room.

On his offseason work “Just after the season, once we all got that rest and recovery, coach Socha and his staff, we all got in there and got after it. Our focus was kind of building mass, getting bigger, faster, stronger, like you said. We did a lot of speed work to get ready for our combine. I think a combination of all that helped me and  a lot of other guys just to be able to get a little bigger, faster, just getting ready for spring ball and the season.”


How do you feel with the extra bulk? “I feel good. I kind of gradually gained that weight throughout the offseason, so I think it was good, wile we did our speed work, to get used to that, get acclimated to that. And during spring ball I feel good. I feel the same as I did last year, if not faster and stronger obviously. I think it’s good and it’s been a good adjustment for me.”


How has the dynamic changed in the tight end room without Josh Perkins? “I think it’s good. We have guys like Darrell (Daniels) and Dave (David Ajamu) that have been around and myself, and even  Jeff (Lindquist) and Will (Dissly) too, that have all played a little bit around the team for a while, that all have something to bring to the table with leadership, helping the younger guys out. So I think we have a really good dynamic of everyone kind of helps everyone and I think we have a really strong unit.”


What’s it like having Jeff Lindquist and Will Dissly at tight end? “It’s been awesome. Will (Dissly) is my roommate since I got here so it’s fun having him in the tight end room helping him, working together and stuff. And obviously Jeff (Lindquist) I’ve known since I was a sophomore in high school and so it’s really cool to see him. Both of them have been progressing really well and getting a lot better.”


Were you lobbying for Will Dissly to become a tight end in the offseason? “Yeah, exactly, he was really excited about it so I’m happy for him to be in the room and it’s obviously exciting because we’re around each other all the time. It’s been a lot of fun to have him in the room.”


What does Will Dissly bring to the room? “He played tight end in high school so it’s getting back to that obviously. Him and Jeff both bring a lot in the pass game and in the run game, both developing and being good players to add to our group. I think we have a really deep group, which is nice. So we’ll have a lot of guys playing.”


On taking his game to the next level “For me it was always, coming from even high school and last year, just evolving my game as being able to someone who can be active in the pass game as well as the run game, trying to be an all around tight end. I think that’s something that I have been working towards. I think it’s going good. We all put in a lot of work and we’re all trying to help out in any way we can. So I think it’s going well.” Top Stories