VIDEO: Jake Browning on Day Nine spoke Monday morning with sophomore quarterback Jake Browning after day nine of Washington spring football. Browning talked about the improvements of Chico McClatcher and Andre Baccellia, as well as the rest of the quarterbacks room. It also happens to be Browning's 20th birthday.

On the live period at the end of practice “It felt good. It’s not live. We don’t get hit or anything, but either way just play the same way.”


On Andre Baccellia “I think Andre (Baccelia), between Andre and Chico (McClatcher) have been two of the most improved guys I think. They’ve been coming every day ready to work and that’s been really big for us. I know (John) Ross is what it is: fast guy, good route runner. Same with Dante (Pettis). A lot of reps. I think we’re getting better and better with the deep ball with him. I think people like Andre and Chico there have been a couple flashes here and there where I think those guys can be really good players and I think they’re getting better everyday.”


Is it tough for a QB fighting an uphill battle in spring ball with a defense that inherently has the upper hand? “I mean, I guess. We have a good defense I think either way. Whatever. You have to compete. You have to score. It cant really matter who you’re going against, what time of year, what the weather is, how you feel; you just have to go score.”


On this spring compared to last spring “I kind of know what’s going on a little bit more. I knew all of the plays last year, but I had no live college reps at all, so I was just basing it all off reps I had in high school. And going through the whole season of kind of being the starter and stuff like that and being able to consistently go with the ones, I think that helps a lot too.”


Do you feel more comfortable and confident? “Yeah. I think you just recognize things a little quicker and you have banked reps, mental reps, so you have a little more muscle memory you can go off of.”


Does this feel like an offense capable of more explosive plays? “Yeah I think we’ve improved. We had an offseason to get a lot better. But for being practice nine I feel pretty good about it. I thought we could have had a better practice today. We just have to go produce. We can’t think like ‘oh, it’s going to be this or it’s going to be that because we’re all returning. You have to get better everyday or else you’re just potential and it doesn’t matter.”


On the development of the other quarterbacks “Doing well. I see a lot of myself in Daniel (Bridge-Gadd). Kind of not really sure on a lot of stuff, but trying to work hard. Obviosuly Tony (Rodriguez) has done some really good things in spring ball and had some big plays. He’s a smart dude. KJ (Carta-Samuels) started the Stanford game; so he’s playing pretty well. You forgot Anthony Burg. He’s our other quarterback. He’s doing pretty well too.”

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