VIDEO: Chico McClatcher on Day Nine's Kim Grinolds spoke at length with sophomore receiver Chico McClatcher Monday after Day Nine of Washington's spring football campaign.

What’s the offense looking like? “Right now, we’re just getting better everyday. We just got to work with Jake (Browning) a little more with the receivers so we can get that chemistry down. As a whole offense we’re improving a lot. We have some key guys missing like Brayden (Lenius) and Isaiah (Renfroe) but we’re still going through. Our main goal is just to improve everyday.”


Where are you guys at compared to last season in terms of cohesion and chemistry? “That starts all in practice, just focusing on little things making sure as wide receivers we’re improving everyday getting better, extra film studying. We just want to improve everyday, that’s our main goal right now.”


What do you take away from your first season? “What I take out from my freshman year was the speed of the game. In high school it’s slowed down a little bit because you’ve been there for four years, you’ve been practicing. To me, practice is way harder than games because you have kind of get the feel of the game when the sticks are moving and you get the calls in. Right now it’s slowing down for me so I’m improving on that.”


Is going head to head with Budda Baker a nice challenge for you? “Yeah, definitely. Budda (Baker) was All-PAC-12, probably one of the best safeties in college football right now. Me and him going one on one, he’s getting me better; I’m for sure getting him better.”


Is it more difficult to get open against him? “He’s All-PAC-12 so he definitely pushes me to and makes it hard to get open when we go one on one. That’s it really. He gets me better, so that’s how I improve everyday.”


Do you feel better with a season under your belt? “Yeah, definitely. The game slows down for me now. Freshman year I was a little jitter buggy. I was in on certain packages, but now I’m more incorporated in the offense like Jaydon (Mickens) was. It’s slowing down for me now.”


On Jake Browning “He’s a great quarterback. He’s going to get better and he’s going to keep on improving with the whole wide receiver corps. He’s going to focus on us and make sure we’re making the right reads or running our routes to a certain depth, so that’s it. We just have to have that little chemistry so we can succeed in games.”


Is Jake Browning hard on the receivers? “He’s tough and detailed with us. Just make sure we run our routes to full speed and to the right depths and make sure we sit down on zone coverages. That’s what we need out of our quarterback.”


On the strength he’s added “College football is a way different level than high school football, so that’s what my focus really is: staying in the weight room and trying to get ready for college football and take on those tackles.”


How much stronger are you now compared to a year ago? “I’m pretty much a little bit stronger. I’m really just trying to work on arms a little bit so I can take those hits.”


On lower body strength added “Yeah, definitely. Speed and strength, that’s my main focus right now.”


On his confidence “Yeah, definitely. It starts in the film room. I paid attention a lot to Jaydon (Mickens) when he was playing. He has that confidence in himself to go do plays and games and stuff. That’s what I’m trying to focus on really.”


On not being afraid of contact “No. Definitely. Not. I’ve been taking big hits since I was a freshman in high school, so I’m kind of used to getting hit around and stuff.”


What are you better at now that you were a year ago? “I think my route running. Coming to the University of Washington I had played running back all my life during high school and little league so I really wanted to focus on route running in the slot.”


Has it been a difficult transition to coach Hamdan? “I guess a little bit, but not really. Whoever is my coach I’m just trying to prove to them and try to get better with them everyday. But coach Bush (Hamdan), he’s a great coach. He’s very detailed about how we run routes and get our depths. He’s very detailed about how we read our zone coverages. I like Bush a lot.”


What’s it like playing at UW and being a local kid? “It feels great being a local kid representing for your city and all of Washington, putting on a show for them.”


On more confidence as a team “We’re very confident because we know we have a lot of weapons on our offense. Definitely having John Ross back is very exciting, having that with the deep ball. Me, Myles (Gaskin), Dante (Pettis), and Isaiah (Renfroe) when he gets here, we’re all going to improve on getting better with Jake Browning, going into his sophomore year; he’s going to get better everyday.”


Would you beat Budda Baker in a 100-yard run? “I’d probably say me honestly. I wasn’t a big 100-meter dash; I ran 10.8 (seconds). Things change now so I think I would get him.” Top Stories