VIDEO: Jomon Dotson after Day Nine's Luke Mounger spoke Monday after Day Nine of Washington spring football with Jomon Dotson, a 5-foot-10, 175-pound running back out of American Canyon, California.

On adding weight “Yeah, I’d say I put on some weight. I just have to get bigger. I just was trying to come in, be a pound-for-pound, be explosive, be powerful, and still keep my speed.”


On catching passes out of the backfield “Exactly. I think I can bring a lot to the team coming out of the backfield and catching balls, catching passes, being a hybrid, just being versatile so I can do it all.”


What element do you bring to the table other than your speed? “I know I’m a small running back, but I can still bring that power and I can still hit the hole pretty hard. My vision is pretty good. Pound for pound, at my size, I feel like I’m a pretty explosive back.”


Do you feel that you compliment other backs like Lavon Coleman and Myles Gaskin well? “Exactly. Of course. I think we all have similar techniques and stuff; we can all do the same thing. I feel like we have a great back system, a great unit. I think we’re an awesome back unit.”


Do you push each other to improve through competition? “Oh yeah, of course. We always make each other better. We always give each other hand shakes when we make a good play. If something goes wrong we always encourage each other, you know, the next play or whatever. We always encourage each other to do better, so I think that’s pretty good.”


On the improving offense “We are improving, we are getting better, and I think the team is coming along; the chemistry is getting a lot better. It could be pretty good.”


What have you improved on most since coming here? “Definitely my pass protection. My pass protection has gotten a lot better. Also my ability to catch the ball a lot more. That’s pretty much it.”


Is there one specific thing you’re focusing on this spring or just general improvement across the board? “Just all across the board as far as catching the ball or when I get the hand off just being explosive, being able to score as much as possible. Get down field and get vertical.” Top Stories