VIDEO: Connor Griffin after Day Nine's Luke Mounger spoke Monday with junior walk-on receiver Connor Griffin after day nine of Washington spring football. They talked about his transition from tight end and more.

On the transition from tight end to receiver “It hasn’t been to bad. I played a lot of H when I was at tight end and that’s mainly what they’re having me play at wide receiver, trying to learn a little bit of Z. Both the coaches, (Jordan) Paopao and (Bush) Hamdan, did a good job making sure I knew all the concepts at both outside spots and inside spots.”


Was football tough to pick up last year after two years off? “In terms of athleticism I kind of felt like I was among everyone else here, but just mainly picking up the concepts, all the little technique, all the footwork and stuff I needed to really work on. That was kind of hard to pick up at first, but they’re helping me get back on track with that.”


On coach Hamdan “He’s a great coach. He’s the kind of guy that will teach you until you fully understand and that’s the kind of coach I like. Just making sure I get everything done and he really cares about every single player. It’s nice having him around and it’s cool that he got the job and everything like that. I was really excited for him.”


Was dunking or scoring a touchdown more fun in high school? “I haven’t scored a touchdown yet in college so I can’t compare the experience. In high school, back then a slam dunk was pretty cool, but touchdowns were equally as fun. Can’t choose one or the other.”


Would you beat everyone on the team in one on one? “Kevin King is probably the best basketball player on this team. I’d like to have a good matchup against him, but I still think I’d come out on top at the end of the day.”


What have you been working on the most this spring? “It’s been mainly that transition, learning wide receiver, trying to get all the footwork in, all the technical stuff down. I think I catch the ball pretty good, so that’s not my biggest concern. It’s just mainly all the technique stuff: running routes, stance, and all that stuff. As soon as I get on top of that I think we’re going to be looking good.”


Do you bring an element strong perimeter blocking after playing tight end last year? “For sure. They’ve been mixing me in a lot blocking there and it’s something I kind of want to take personally and make that my own role on this team to start off until I get to expand that role.”


What else do you bring to the table with your size at the receiver position? “I think one of the main things coach Hamdan has been stressing is 50-50 balls – going up and making a play when it’s really between the defensive back and you. So I think I bring that to the table. And just being a possession receiver and making sure I catch every single ball and just make sure I get a couple yards after contact and stuff like that.” Top Stories