VIDEO: Jojo McIntosh on Spring Ball Day 10

Jojo McIntosh sees himself as UW's Kam Chancellor to Budda Baker's Earl Thomas. McIntosh talked to Wednesday after Day 10 of spring football about that, as well as what it's like playing alongside Baker.

What was it like getting thrown into the fire last year and how much more comfortable are you now? “Last season was really fun getting out there and making some plays. When I stand on the sideline and watched the DBs and they’re having fun, I want to get out there. So last year I took the initiative. I started taking a lot of mental reps and started making sure I was on my Ps and Qs, especially when I got out there. Transitioning onto this year I feel so much more comfortable. I’m out here with the ones right now. We’re just having a ball.”


How would you define your role lining up to a guy like Budda Baker? “Budda (Baker) is a phenomenal player. He’s always pushing me. When he’s running full speed I’ve got to go full speed. When he’s doing this, I’ve got to try to do that. Budda’s amazing. Having him on the side of me, competing with him is just making me better.”


How do you and Budda Baker play off each other? “We look at Budda, he’s really fast. He’ll get all the PBUs (pass break ups). And they look at me, I’m the hitter. We’re like Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas. You know it’s fun. He’s always pushing me running fast. And I’ve got to run fast too. I’m just playing off of him.”


How have you been able to look at taking the defense to another level this spring? “We lost a lot of guys, some good guys too. So that just pushes all of us. All of us are working to fill those gaps. We feel we can do that. We can be the best in the PAC-12 next year again.”


Do you feel you have to replace Brian Clay or is it a whole new situation? “Brian Clay was a phenomenal player. He taught me a lot last year coming into this year. So I still talk to him so he’s still teaching me new things and techniques, so I’m just getting better and better.”


What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from Brian Clay? “Being patient, man coverage, things like that. He’s really helped me with that.”


Do you think you’re building a reputation in the PAC-12 as a hard hitter? “A little bit. I hope so.” Top Stories