VIDEO: Shane Bowman on Spring Ball Day 10's Kim Grinolds spoke Wednesday to UW sophomore defensive lineman Shane Bowman after Day 10 of spring football.

What’s your weight right now? “I’m about 290-295.”


What were you when you showed up here? “When I came here I was like 250, then dropped down like 241 maybe, then just been building up since then.”


Was adding the weight hard? “I’m on a meal plan. I drink a big shake every morning and every night and I’ve just gradually been putting on weight with coach Socha’s lifting program and strength and conditioning, just getting bigger and eating the right food.”


What do you do in the weight room? “Just go in everyday and try to attack the workout. Just give it all that I can and push myself to push more weight and just been getting stronger.”


On the opportunity to play more this year “I’m really excited, you know, to get more opportunities to make a lot of plays and just be productive on the field. Get more opportunities to get tackles, sacks and have fun with the guys with I’ve been working with.”


Does coming from a program like Bellevue give you a leg up over other guys? “Somewhat, yeah. Workwise we were taught how to work hard from a young age in high school. Just try to the extra stuff to get a slight edge over the opponent.”


On similarities between coach Petersen and coach Goncharoff “Yeah, it’s like coach Petersen has some of the same values as coach Butch (Goncahroff). He’s about building you as a man, not just a football player. That just really stood out to me. It’s kind of what brought me here in the first place.”


On coach Petersen “Coach Petersen appealed to me, this whole ‘built for life’ thing and just how he wanted to run a program is something I wanted to be a part of.”


On getting to play with his brother, Ryan Bowman “Yeah that’s going to be exciting. I’m looking forward to playing with him. He’ll be a real surprise. He’s a walk-on so he’s got a chip on his shoulder. It will be really fun to be playing with him. It’s not something that happens a lot in college football.”


Any sibling clashes growing up? “Not so much. We were kind of teamed up a lot so it was a lot of fun.”


On the defensive line “The d-line is looking real solid. We’re all really good, really close friends and we know how to play off each other and I think we’ve got a lot of really good chemistry and I’m really excited about his year and what we’re going to bring to the table.”


Who has improved the most on the defensive line? “I think as a whole unit we’ve been improving. I cant really put a tag on one. We’ve all just been coming together and getting better as a team.”


Who gives you fits on the offensive side of the ball? “Everyone is pretty solid. You’re going to play different ways with different players. Certain guys have different strengths and weaknesses and you just kind of pick on those and use different moves on different guys.”


Have you gone against Trey Adams a lot? “Yeah, kind of I have. Trey (Adams) is fun to go against. He gives a good fight.”


On Trey Adams’ size “He’s pretty big, pretty tall. I’m bigger than him though.”


On Kaleb McGary “Kaleb (McGary) is big too. They’re all pretty solid.”


Do you get involved in the smack talk in practice? “No, I’m staying away from that. Coach actually just got mad at us for that. We’re just going to grind and play football and talk with our pads and not say too much.” Top Stories