VIDEO: Budda Baker after Spring Ball Day 10's Kim Grinolds spoke Wednesday to UW junior defensive back Budda Baker after Day 10 of spring football.

On participating in some drills on offense “Just a little bit.”


How has playing a little offense been for you? “It’s been good. I haven’t really played offense in a while so I’m just getting it down a little bit.”


Are you catching a little flack from guys on the defensive side of the ball when you go play offense? “Oh yeah, of course. We call ourselves the dark side. Sometimes I go over there and they get a little mad. It’s all love.”


Do you think you’ll be used on offense this year? “I don’t know. I’m just controlling what I can control. They tell me to go to offense; I’ll go to offense and help them out or do whatever I have to for them.”


Do you want to play offense this year? “I mean, of course. I feel like any athletic type of person would love to play offense. You hear Kevin (King) and even Darren Gardenhire like ‘let me play offense.’ Offensive guys think they’re defensive guys and defensive guys thing they’re offensive guys so it’s cool.”


Are you recruiting anyone to go play defense? “Not really. We’re good with our guys.”


Do you miss the Bellevue days when you would have a lot of success on offense? “Yeah, of course. The Bellevue days were real fun. We had a lot of guys. There weren’t a lot of plays for me on offense because we had all these guys scoring touchdowns so it was cool.”


On things getting heated in practice “I mean it’s all love. Some guys need to keep their poise sometimes. We had our little argument out there and one guy made a bad hit and the defensive guy retaliated and the refs are always going to get that second guy. There was a fourth down, we made a stop, the guy took off his helmet. That could be another flag, another first down. Just keeping your poise throughout the whole practice is what the defense really needs to work on.”


What are you doing to build off what the defense did last year? “We’re trying to get wins. We were 7-6 last year with the best defense. All people are going to say ‘you had the best defense but you lost six games.’ Then again, we’re just trying to win. But right now we’re just thinking about the next day. Tomorrow we’ll have film and lifting and get that settled in. Then Friday, back to practice.”


On the chemistry in the secondary “It’s good chemistry because right when coach Lake got here and my class was here and Kevin (King) and Brandon (Beaver)’s class bought in. We’re all coming together, we’re all like brothers, we all do stuff in the offseason or after practice we’ll all go hang out or go to Wingstop or something like that. We have a really good chemistry.”


On mentally being on the same page as the other defensive backs “Watching film, and coach Lake does a great job when we have our meetings of what each person is supposed to do. As a corner back they’re trying to learn what the safety does and as a safety we have to know nickel, corner back so we’re all on the same page.”


How much do you enjoy blitzing off the edge? “Oh it’s fun. Especially when it’s Jake (Browning). I love trying to get Jake because Jake’s real competitive.”


On Jojo McIntosh “He’s doing great. Last year he did great. Still wasn’t really good with the calls but he’s a real banger. He’ll hit anyone, no matter how big you are. If you saw last year, he tried to take on a Stanford o-lineman. He’s not afraid of anything and he’s getting smarter and faster and stronger each day. Same with everybody else, so it’s going to be good.”


Didn’t Jojo McIntosh hit you pretty hard last year? “Yeah I think so. He kind of knocked me out.”


Do you give him a hard time about that at all? “Of course. We always do that. He’s known for that. We’re like, ‘hey, if you’re in, watch out. Hit the other team, not us.’”


On Chico McClatcher “Chico (McClatcher), he’s real fast, quick guy. He’ll soon learn to control his speed because with Chico you’re going top speed whatever you’re doing. He’ll learn how to control his speed and his body and he’ll be great.”


Did you know Chico McClatcher before college? “Yeah. When we were little we were on the same track team. He was one of those not fast guys, but when we ran hills he would beat everybody. He has huge calves so he would beat even the older when we would run hills. Now he’s come into his speed and he needs to learn how to control it.”


Was that in Federal Way? “No, it was in Seattle. It was called like Seattle Speed. It was cool.”


Who wins in a 100-yard sprint? “Of course me. I’m never going to say another person is going to beat me. I don’t care.”

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