VIDEO: Keith Bhonapha on Spring Ball Day 11's Luke Mounger spoke Friday with UW Running Backs Coach Keith Bhonapha, who talked about the development of the two running backs behind starter Myles Gaskin - Lavon Coleman and Jomon Dotson - as well how the group has done in general.

How have the first few weeks of practice been? “It’s been good. As always, it’s spring ball so you’re constantly trying to get guys better and each guy has individual things that they’re trying to work at. I do think that the group as a whole, the running backs are taking great strides and getting better individually. And you know, just trying to finish out these last practices and make sure we have maximum effort and attention to detail.”


On Jomon Dotson “The big thing that I’ve talked to Jomon (Dotson) about coming into the spring was just making sure you’re honed in on the detail to your assignments each play. He’s definitely taken a step there as far as being detailed. And, like you said, you see him catching the ball out of the backfield, you see him running the ball and all of that and all the success he’s having this spring and all the production he’s having is because he has taken the next step when it comes to focusing on the details of his assignment.”


On skills Jomon Dotson has developed since arriving at UW “I think his pass protection has gone leaps and bounds. He’s continued to work on that. But from where he was when he first got here, that’s been a major step for him. His vision is really good. And I think with a fast guy, sometimes they just are too fast; and I think he’s getting a lot better as far as pacing himself, being patient, and letting the leverage of blocks develop fro him.”


What are you seeing from Lavon Coleman? “Just consistent. Lavon (Coleman) has been very consistent as far as pass protection. He’s doing a lot better when it comes to using his vision to run the ball. He’s not just being a bowling ball, running into people and using leverage of blocks. His overall game has taken some great steps. It’s just exciting to see those two kind of take the next step individually.”


Are vision and pass protection the biggest deficiencies for backs coming out of high school? “Definitely pass protection I would say is definitely a deficiency for backs coming out of high school. The vision is usually pretty there, pretty much there because they’re usually natural at that part of it.” Top Stories