VIDEO: Bush Hamdan on Spring Ball Day 11's Luke Mounger spoke Friday with first-year Receivers Coach Bush Hamdan after Day 11 of Washington's spring football campaign. Hamdan talked about the development of Chico McClatcher as an every down player, the emergence of Nik Little, and more.

On Nik Little “Nik (Little) has done a nice job all spring. He really has. I think for some of those guys, with our situation being where it is, really is a great opportunity for them to step in and been pleased with a couple of those guys.”


Is spring more a time for you to move guys around and get them reps more than setting up a depth chart? “Yeah, there’s no doubt. I think for us, spring ball is the best time of the year. You get to set back and really teach and with that evaluate and that’s what we’ve done this spring. We’ve moved guys to a lot of different spots, tried to find out who the best rotation will be.”


Is there one skill you’re focusing on as a group or does it come down to individual players have individual strengths and weaknesses? “We definitely have out fundamentals and those are kind of the five things we kind of pride ourselves on day in and day out. AS that goes, every practice you kind of feel the guys out and see who needs one thing a little bit more than the other, so it does get a little specific there.”


Is perimeter blocking a fundamental? “Yeah, it definitely is. I think blocking is one of our fundamentals so it’s definitely something we work on everyday.”


On Chico McClatcher’s niche “Yeah. Chico (McClatcher) is a football player, and I think that’s the number one thing. I evaluated him last year and just seeing it from the outside looking in. Getting to work with him now, I kind of joke around with him; he’s not a package guy. Those days are over. He’s got to be able to be in there on every single play, be able to be the running back, be the slot, be an outside guy, which he’s done a little bit this spring as well. I think we’re proud of that guy. He’s got a lot on his plate, but the guy knows how to play and we need more guys like him.” Top Stories