VIDEO: Jordan Paopao on Spring Ball Day 11's Kim Grinolds spoke Friday with Washington Tight Ends Coach Jordan Paopao, who talked about the inclusion of Jeff Lindquist and Will Dissly, as well as trying to keep the always aloof Darrell Daniels focused in the right direction.

How many tight ends do you have now? “Quite a few now. I’ve got a total of seven. Six scholarship guys and one walk on”


On Jeff Lindquist “Jeff (Lindquist) has done some great things this spring. I’ve been really, really surprised and very, very pleased with his progress the entire time. Jeff’s physicality, his ability to catch the ball naturally, and the kid can run. It’s just kind of getting his body mechanics down and getting him used to doing a lot of the receiver like stuff that he hasn’t been doing for a while.”


On Will Dissly “Will (Dissly) is an absolute grinder. Will has surprisingly soft hands. That was another thing that was pretty awesome just in terms of his development and becoming a good tight end. But he’s been awesome and he’s extremely smart so he’s picked it up fast.”


How do you keep Darrell Daniels in check? “The biggest thing about Darrell (Daniels) is that’s going to be him. He’s an energetic guy. He’s going to be the voice of our offense. And he’s definitely doing a good job of owning the leadership of the team. His biggest focus has got to be able to maintain keeping people on track. I love everything about the way that he gets after the defense, the way that he talks, the way that he competes. We just have to make sure that it’s focused in the right direction a lot of the time.”


On why Darrell Daniels isn’t a receiver “I think the bets thing about our room is that we’re so deep at this point. Having guys like David Ajamu and Drew Sample and Will Dissly allows Darrell to be our H, to split out and to do a lot of that. We just have two tight ends on the field. The routes are the routes. That’s what’s truly unique about the tight end room. Darrell’s development is he’s running wide receiver type routes and he has experience at it and I think he’s extremely talented. That’s going to allow him to really play into his strength.”


On Darrell Daniels’ blocking “I think one of the most underrated parts of Darrell’s game is his blocking ability. He is 245 pounds. He loves contact and won’t shy away from it. He’s an aggressive football player and, like you said, he did so much work just in terms of inside the box and moving around and that’s truly Darrell’s versatility. He truly is one of the most versatile players I’ve been able to coach.”


On Drew Sample “He has the physical tools to have a tremendous future in the game of football. I think his physicality, his smarts, his soft hands, his ability to move his feet. I think he is, in this offseason, like you said has put on some outstanding weight and somebody that I’m really excited to go see on Saturdays.”


How hard is it to keep the players in check when they just want to hit? “That’s why you have to find the balance. When it’s time to go and we have our live periods, that’s when we really get those guys locked into it the whole entire time. You’re right. Everyone is just so naturally competitive and when you get into a drill and it starts to get to the close end and there’s things on the line, you just have to make sure they’re focused on the task at hand the whole time.”


On the 85 degree Monday forecast “I’ll tell you what, this has been the best weather that I think we’ve had for spring since I’ve been here. So as long as I’m able to keep my shorts I’m good.” Top Stories