Practice news and notes - 8/8

The temperatures were down somewhat on Friday, but the pace of play inside Husky Stadium continued to pick up as intensity and urgency have made a resounding comeback to Washington football. Gone is the rock and roll; instead appeared a bunch of guys in purple and gold ready to rock someone else's world.

When the team went 11-11 and tried to keep all the players up, they couldn't help themselves but land a shot or two. Perhaps the biggest shot of the day was courtesy of Scott White. The RS frosh from San Diego greeted Louis Rankin with a big shot, sending the true frosh skidding. And Terry Johnson took the very first opportunity he could to greet a yellow-shirted Cody Pickett the first chance he got. If 'Tank' can go all-out on every play this fall, he could be a real weapon in the Huskies' defensive arsenal.

The same went for Jerome Stevens too. The first play on the field he crunched Chris Singleton in the backfield with a big 'ol bear hug. The pursuit being shown by the defense is something that is a new twist of Phil Snow's. The new DB's coach is having the entire defense flow to the ball on every play, no matter if they are 5 feet away or across the field.

Also speaking of the defensive line, Dan Milsten is getting a lot of reps alongside Terry Johnson and Tui Alailefaleula. The RS frosh from Puyallup went after Todd Bachert, who played at strong tackle today. Milsten gave the vet all he could handle, and then some.

But don't underestimate Dan Cozzetto's group. On one series of 1-1's, Tusi Sa'au got beat by DT Jordan Reffett. After some healthy earfuls by Cozzetto, Sa'au promptly put big 95 down on his stomach twice. Rob Meadow looked great, handling Stevens, while Dan Dicks gave Stanley Daniels a lot of work.

The spirited tussles on the line continue to be intense and fantastic to watch. With Cozzetto and Randy Hart in charge, you know the atmosphere is going to be electric all day every day. Friday was no different.

Evan Benjamin took off red today, but Jordan Slye and Derrick Bradley put crimson jerseys on, upping the total from two to three. Charles Smith wore red, yet ran through all the drills without being thrown a pass.

Speaking of receivers, all of them had a severe case of dropsies early, but came back strong during the rest of the day. Quintin Daniels felt the ups and downs of being a true freshman D1 receiver today. On one play he streaked by a defender for an easy 6, then let a pass bounce off his pads, only to be picked off by Tyler Krambrink.

Bobby Whithorne, Joe Toledo and Shelton Sampson (as a running back) all had very nice days catching the ball, standing out from the rest. Corey Williams and Sonny Shackelford are also standing out among the true freshmen.

Say cheese!: Picture Day for Husky fans is Saturday, August 9th, from 1:30 to 3:30 in Husky Stadium. There will be posters, schedule cards and food for the fans.

Try a little tenderness: Both Roc Alexander and Reggie Williams were slowed a little by some minor tendonitis, but practiced all day.

Stiff upper lip: Brad Vanneman went in to get stitches for his lip in the middle of practice, then returned without missing a beat.

Extra, extra: For those players the coaches deemed still out of shape, there was additional running after the post-practice runs.

Opportunistic: The defense is showing signs of being a lot more active around the ball. There were four interceptions today, by Tyler Krambrink, Jimmy Newell, Derrick Johnson and Kyle Trew. Top Stories