Keith Gilbertson Quotes - 08/08

On this, the third day of fall camp, Head Coach Keith Gilbertson took some time after practice to address some key issues while his players were soaking away in the ice tubs on the opposite end of the stadium. Among the items of interest are his thoughts on his talented group of freshmen receivers, how he intends to run practice, and why Reggie Williams and Roc Alexander were not at 100 percent today.

On mixing the freshmen with the veterans a lot more: "What's happening is you can't bring your youngsters (true freshmen) anymore and have our traditional ‘freshmen and newcomer' practices. Because of the NCAA, we've got to bring them all in at the same time. What happens is that we don't have depth at some positions to practice with the freshmen in the morning by themselves and the varsity in the afternoon by themselves so what we needed to do was to put them together so we have adequate depth at these positions; let the youngsters learn through repetition by watching the older fellas, and instead of conditioning, we let our freshmen go do team scripts and learn that way. In essence, it is their freshmen camp and we have to stay within the three-hour rule but it's a way for those guys to get some individual snaps."

On certain players running extra laps: "We have a group of extra-duty guys that did not pass the test that we ran on Wednesday and they have some extra-duty after practice."

On the development of Dan Milsten: "I think there is a rotation that is going on but he's been pretty impressive during the spring. I think he improved a lot from the start of the spring to the end of spring and I think he's going to be a good player. We've got high hopes for him."

On Reggie Williams and Roc Alexander taking it easy on the running drills: "Reggie has a – what do you call it? Tendonitis? Bursitis? Arthritis? Some kind of ‘itis.' He has some tendonitis and a little bit of a hamstring issue that we're just going to be guarded with. Roc has a pack on his knee and he has some patella tendonitis. It's pretty painful. It bothered him for a while and once you get by it, it usually goes away."

On going to Olympia: "Yeah I'm excited about going to Olympia. I think it's really good to get away by ourselves where your team gets to know each other. I think that's important."

On having one practice a day: "Well after Sunday, you can get two-a-days every other day. Now its getting to the acclimatization period. Didn't think I could say that did ya? Once you pass the acclimatization period, your one-a-day practices can be preceded by a rather lengthy walk-through on the field. So in our case, we will spend a lot of time on special teams in the morning in walk-through kind of situations and I think we can get a lot out of it. In the afternoon, we can have our regular practice."

On the freshmen receiving group: "They all look good to me. Every one of them. Every one of them can contribute and I think all of them feel as if they can compete and help so I'm excited about the whole group."

On why there is more running than in the past: "You gotta move around. You gotta run ‘em. You've got to run to play this game." Top Stories