VIDEO: Jeff Lindquist on Spring Ball Day 13

On Monday we spoke after Day 13 of Washington's spring football campaign with Jeff Lindquist, who talked about his transition from quarterback to tight end, and more.

On the transition to tight end “It’s been good. Obviously it’s been a lot of new learning involved with playing a specific new position. But as far as the overall scheme, I kind of already knew what was going on. So it’s just been kind of new things to learn, but it’s going well.”


Did you approach the coaches about playing tight end or did they come to you? “A little bit of both. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m a captain of this team, so it’s my kind of job to get out here and help the team win. That position for me now is at tight end. I brought it up and they supported it.”


What’s the biggest challenge of making the switch to tight end? “It’s kind of just a new feel to football. Obviously I’ve been playing quarterback for the last eight years of my life. That’s kind of how I learned to play football I guess. Now it’s just kind of a new feel to it.” Top Stories