VIDEO: Myles Gaskin on Spring Ball Day 13 spoke to sophomore running back Myles Gaskin Monday after Day 13 of Washington Spring Football about his mindset this spring, how the offense looks, Jomon Dotson, and more.

Was last year a surprise to you? “Not really. It was really the goal for myself. Being able to just work hard and stuff like that, being able to be really focused. Any running back would say the o-line does a lot, man. I really give all the love and all the credit to those guys. They really go hard every single play. Nobody really gives them the credit they deserve. They really do a lot and I really appreciate those guys and they made everything possible for me last season and this next season coming up.”


What’s your mindset heading into year two? “Just getting older I guess. Kind of coming into each game, you’re like ‘oh, how does Stanford play? And how does Oregon play?’ And having that kind of mindset now a little bit, knowing how they play like faster tempo or maybe some head-banger type guys on the team. Being able to adjust to that and look at film and really know what I’m looking at. I think that’s a big adjustment for myself. I think I can make that next move and take the next step in my game.”


Does the offense feel more cohesive out there? “Yeah, definitely. It’s not so much of a hurry to look straight over to the play. It’s more fluent. I’m able to get the play once and know exactly what I’m doing. I like that comfort, because last year there was no talking between plays, like ‘I have to look over there.’ Now I have that comfort to talk with Jake (Browning) in between plays like ‘what do you see?’ and grow off that.”


On Jomon Dotson “He’s making plays out there; I know you guys see that. Real fast dude. He’s been doing his thing. Lavon (Coleman), everybody in the room has been doing really good so we’re really excited for this upcoming season. I’m really excited for spring here.”


Do you sense a good give and take with the offense and defense? “Yeah, kind of like the competitive aspect of it. You don’t want anybody beating you up everyday. You have to go at it every single day, kind of like a family thing. One day they’ll have their good day and the next we’ll have ours. We kind of rub it in on each other. It’s fun though. It makes practice a lot more intense and a lot more fun.”


Do you think you’ll be more prepared for games practicing against the defense? “Definitely with that defense. We play against them everyday so those guys are really good. When it comes to those Saturdays in September, we’ll be ready.” Top Stories