2017 Cathedral (Los Angeles, Ca.) DE Hunter Echols discusses his trip to see Washington and where things stand on the recruiting front

Back in March, 2017 Cathedral (Los Angeles, Ca.) DE Hunter Echols said he was very close to committing to Washington, but the Husky coaches told him to hold off until he took a visit to see the campus in person. This past weekend, that trip happened, so where do things stand on the recruiting front now?

"I'm still committed to UCLA and I am happy with that right now," Echols told Dawgman.com. "I really had a great time at Washington though.

"It was everything I heard it was from other people. 

"I loved the campus and the stadium and their facilities are some of the best I've seen and I've seen a few already."

Echols said something that really opened his eyes was Washington's academic presentation.

"I knew Washington had good academics, but I didn't realize that the power of a degree from there," Echols said. "I mean, if I decided to live up (in Seattle), then obviously I'd have a lot of connections (in the business world), but if I decided to come home and make my home back here in Los Angeles, they have a great alumni network down here and they have connections everywhere with companies like Starbucks and Boeing, so, regardless of where I ended up living, that degree can carry me forward.

"I also really liked the structure of things there.

"The campus, the coaches, the players, they all have an energy there that is great."

Echols told Dawgman.com back in March that he was very close to committing to Washington, but the Husky coaches said they wanted him to wait and take a visit to Montlake before he made his decision.

Now that he's seen the program and met with the coaches, was there a thought of switching things up?

"Well, of course there was a little thought of doing that, but no, I haven't changed things," Echols said. "Like I said, UCLA is where I'm committed now and I' happy with that, but a big reason for taking these visits and seeing these other schools was for me to have a chance to compare things and see if UCLA truly is the right place for me."

In addition to his visit to Seattle last weekend, Echols has already taken visits to USC, UCLA, San Jose State and Arizona and he's hoping to visit a handful of other schools during the summer.

"I really want to get out to Texas A&M, Baylor, Oklahoma, Notre Dame and Nebraska to see those schools at some point, probably the summer, but I haven't really set anything up yet," Echols noted. "As far as camps, I'm going to go to the Opening Regional in Oakland and that's about it for individual camps.

"I might go to UCLA or USC's camp just to compete, but I've already got a lot of great offers, so I'm not really needing to get out to a bunch of schools for camp."

As a junior last season, Echols totaled nearly 80 tackles to go along with 27 tackles-for-loss and 17 sacks.

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