VIDEO: UW Spring Ball Day 14 - Vita Vea spoke Wednesday with Huskies Defensive Lineman Vita Vea after Day 14 of Washington Spring Football. Vea talked about becoming more of a leader on an off the field, as well as his ideal playing weight, and more.

What was the mindset coming into spring for the defense? “The mindset was just come back and continue to grind and carry our last year’s legacy as a d-line and to come out as a hard working d-line.”


How different has it been to get a lot bigger as a defensive front? “It’s a big difference. We have all of us (Greg Gaines, Elijah Qualls, and Vita Vea). And not only us, we have the whole d-line as a whole. I feel like we’re solid and all of us have a good chance.”


Is being more vocal a result of your comfort level? “It’s just me having more fun with it and me understanding the game a lot more and knowing the plays better and having fun with it.”


Is being vocal part of your normal personality? “Sometimes I’ll be quite. If I feel like I need to pick up the energy or I feel like I’m losing energy, I’ll start being much more vocal and goofing around a bunch more.”


Is leadership important for you to carry over from spring to fall? “It’s really important for me. I’m just trying to keep the d-line as close as we can be and be a close unit.”


What’s your weight right now? “About like 310.”


Is that weight where you want to be? “I feel like 300, 290, I’ll be solid in that weight.”


On coming in at around 340 “Yeah. It was just me finding a weight, trying to find a weight that was more comfortable for me.”


What was the biggest goal for you this spring? “Just being more confident in my playing style.”


Do you like that’s coming through? “Yeah. Right now it’s a work in progress; I’m still working on it.”

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