VIDEO: UW Spring Ball Day 14 - Tevis Bartlett spoke Wednesday with sophomore outside linebacker Tevis Bartlett after Day 14 of Washington Spring Football.

Are you getting used to BUCK? “Yeah, well I’m playing SAM, but starting to get used to it a little bit more comfortable than I was during fall camp. It’s starting to become a little more natural to me.”

On being more comfortable “Yeah, I think a lot it is just learning from guys like Cory Littleton, Travis Feeney, all the guys that played here last year, just watching how they do it and being able to apply that this year.”


How much did the older players help last year? “A ton. I sat next to Cory (Littleton) in meetings, always having little questions and being able to ask him. When we’re on the field, being able to walk up to him after he made a play and be like ‘why’d you do that?’ Getting an explanation straight from the guy on the field is a huge help when we’re trying to learn everything.”


Do tips mean more from guys that are that good? “Oh yeah. Any time you have very, very talented guys that are willing to help young kids it just shows how much they care about the program and the culture we are building here. We’re trying to continue to build up our team and everything and keep moving forward.”


What did you need to work on after last year? “A lot of it was just playing faster, which comes with being comfortable and getting more reps and being able to make it more reactionary versus trying to think about it.”


What’s been the hardest part of this spring? “The hardest part this spring is honestly after I have a practice that isn’t up to my liking I can’t just go right back on the field the next day and workout those kinks. I have to sit around and think about it for a day while we’re recovering, which kind of bugs me sometimes. It’s still fun. I think the other thing that’s kind of hard is it’s always against the same guys, the offensive lineman and the tight ends that we’re all just blocking and covering and stuff. Not being able to play against different people kind of gets old, but it’s all part of it.”


What’s your weight right now? “I’m about right around 230, a little under 230. Like 227 or so.”


How heavy were you when you showed up last year? “When I got here in the summer I was like 208. So I’ve put on about 20 pounds since I got here.”


What was the lightest you were your senior year? “Before I weighed in at state (wrestling) I think I was down to about 190. Last year in February I was 190 and this year in April I’m 230.”


On cutting weight “What’s funny is cutting weight was never too hard for me because bigger guys have a lot more water weight than little guys, so it wasn’t even like I was trying to cut down. It was just the nature of the sport, which is obviously a lot different than football.”


What else do you have to work on during the offseason? “Keep getting bigger and stronger and faster. I definitely have to work on pass rush a bit more. Once I get more comfortable in that, I’ll be pretty set for playing.”


Who on the offensive side that gives you fits? “Trey Adams is really good on the edge. He’s a hard guy to get by. Drew Sample is a good tight end. Will Dissly, just because he’s so big, he’s good at blocking. There are a couple guys that going against is always a fun challenge.”


What’s it like when Trey Adams is coming at you full speed? “When he’s coming at you it’s not that bad because you move force with force, so trying to get around him he just grabs on to you. That’s always frustrating, trying to keep his hands off of you as you’re trying to get to the quarterback. That’s the hard part.”


On Trey Adams trash talk “Trey (Adams) always making sure you know.” Top Stories