VIDEO: UW Spring Ball Day 14 - Ezekiel Turner spoke Wednesday with junior safety Ezekiel Turner after Day 14 of Washington Spring Football.

On the spring game “Yeah, it should be fun getting out there and competing with all the fans here. I’m really looking forward to it, just competing always with the DBs.”


Do you think you’ll actually be able to hit the receivers? “No, I have to keep them up. Coach Pete would throw me out of there. I have to protect my guys at all times.”

On the difference between fall camp last year and spring this year “Last spring I was kind of just trying to learn everything at one, just where to go, what the call us. But now I’m much more comfortable, I know more of the schemes and everything. Yeah, I’m much more comfortable this spring.”


On his chemistry with Trevor Walker “Yeah, I feel like it’s all just depth back there at the DB position. Just being able to come in and compete at any given time because you never know what could happen. So yeah, just being able to compete at all times.”

How has your role developed and what are you really good at now? “I feel like I’m good at everything, not just being a big hitter, but being able to cover, play deep in the post, come down in the box. But I just want to be an all-around good safety.”


What do you have to work on to solidify a spot in the two-deeps at safety? “I feel like just knowing the cause, knowing my position inside and out, and knowing the whole defense as a whole too: what the linebacker has to do, what the corner has to do, what calls I have to give them. Just knowing all that helps you come a long way.”


What can the defense do to take the next step? “I guess just always going 110%, not getting big-headed as to what we did last year, because we still went 7-6. We still just have to keep striding forward, keep pushing forward so we keep getting better and better and get to where we want to be in the future.” Top Stories