VIDEO: Myles Gaskin on Spring Ball Day 15 spoke with sophomore running back Myles Gaskin after the UW Spring Event Saturday at Husky Stadium.

On not getting any carries: “You have to ask coach Pete. I think we’re trying to develop other guys a bit. It was just cool to be out there, seeing all the fans again, I’m not too worried about that at all. Things are going to come. Two plays, hey we scored on that drive, so I’m not really trippin’, so it was fun.”


On his improvement since he got to UW: “I’m just more mature. Just knowing what I’m looking for not just reacting. When I first came in, it was almost like just running for daylight and now I can look at a hole and kinda wait for it to open up a little more and see if I can make more out of it than I could a year ago. It all comes through with film.”


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On the offense improving: “With John (Ross), Dante (Pettis)  and you all don’t know much about Andre (Baccellia), but he’s a real fast dude. You got Jake (Browning) and the O-Line, it’s coming back strong, I don’t think anyone realized that and has much love for them, but I do.” Top Stories