VIDEO: Keishawn Bierria on Spring Ball Day 15 spoke with junior linebacker Keishawn Bierria after the UW Spring Event Saturday at Husky Stadium.

On the spring game: “I gotta give it up to the D-Line. They really stole the show. They were all over the field today. I see Vita (Vea) making a play down the field, 15 yards down the field, he’s the first guy on the tackle. That’s what you want to see, the effort out of guys right now, so it was high contact and it was good.”


On the next few months: “Grinding, pushing myself every day, pushing my guys every day, especially my teammates, just working as hard myself. Making sure, these guys that are trying to beat me out of a position and me maintaining my position. Just working every day and grinding.”


On he and Azeem Victor bringing attitude: “Azeem, he’s a heavy hitter right there, he does what he does. He’s hard to tone down sometimes because once you get that game feeling, that blood running, it’s hard to really back off, but the mindset we have is to be the stomach of the defense and we need to do our job.”


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On his experience and trying to help the younger guys: “Just making sure I try to have them focus on maximizing their reps because the depth chart gets started, we actually call it a seating chart because nothing is permanent, but it’s all about maximizing your reps and learning. I try to bring the young guys along and lead by example.”

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