VIDEO: Jake Browning on Spring Ball Day 15 spoke with sophomore quarterback Jake Browning after the UW Spring Event Saturday at Husky Stadium.

On the spring game: “It was good. I thought it was productive. It felt good to get out there with a crowd. We practice a lot without a crowd so it was nice to have a crowd out there and to interact with them.”


On things he worked on: “Being able to take a lot of reps with the ones, getting reps with specific receivers, with guys like (John) Ross who I haven’t really been throwing to since I’ve been here, so it’s been nice to get into a little groove with the receivers.”


On if he’s more of a leader this year: “I think it comes with, the more you’re here, it’s hard to be a leader when you don’t know what’s going on. I mean, I knew the plays, but I’d never really been through spring ball, I hadn’t been into the offseason, we just wrapped up our spring ball  so you kind of know what to expect a little bit more. I was never going to be the kid that came in and tried to be the leader and all that. I just came in and wanted to do my job and work as hard as I could.”


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On John Ross: “Obviously, he’s very fast, we all know that. Very fast, very explosive and I think he’s become a vey good route-runner. I wasn’t here for the season he played in, but I think just watching that to now, that’s a big focus for him.”

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