Keith Gilbertson quotes - 8/9

With a lighter, but spirited Saturday workout, UW head coach Keith Gilbertson appeared anxious to get on the road and get to Olympia, where the real down and dirty work of getting the Huskies prepared for their August 30th tussle with Ohio State. He talked about position battles and which newcomers have started to emerge.

On Mike Thompson's injury: "Mike twisted his knee on a pass rush drill. The trainers say the joint is stable, but they are planning to do an MRI tomorrow, so he won't go with us today. He'll probably return Tuesday."

On Anthony Russo getting reps with Reggie Williams and Charles Frederick: "I'm actually really impressed with all the young guys, with their great quickness. I'm also impressed by how well they are learning and what they are picking up. Overall we have a great group of freshmen skill people."

On the young receivers and who is standing out: "Well, I like Bobby Whithorne. He's such a smooth athlete. And Russo catches the ball and goes. He reminds me of Mario (Bailey). Not to say he's going to be Mario, but he's a little bigger than him and he really has the ability to run after the catch. And Quintin Daniels has had a couple of really good days too."

On Shelton Sampson leading the running backs: "Right now he jumps out at you running the drills. He had a great summer working out and he's had four good days here. He's just got the natural eyes for it and he's bulked up. He's over 190 pounds now and was 175-180 when he got here."

On the punting and kicking battles: "The punting was definitely better today. It's going to be a long fight, especially when you don't have experience at the punting position, or the placekicking position either. There's still a lot of work to do and it's going to be a major point of emphasis at camp."

On Derrick Johnson: "Well, I really see Roc (Alexander), (Chris) Massey and Derrick together, so it would be a rotation of Roc and DJ or Massey and DJ. Then Matt (Fountaine) and Sam (Cunningham), who have also looked really good. And both (Cody) Ellis and (Derrick) Bradley are doing great too, but then Derrick bruised his shoulder, which was an old injury we knew about. They'll look at him this afternoon."

On the safeties: "It's anybody's guess right now. Jimmy Newell is going to be a valuable guy back there. He'll give us a lift with his speed and range."

On the biggest position battles heading to Evergreen: "I'd say backup quarterback. Punter and Placekicker. I'd also like to say running back, but we haven't seen Rich (Alexis) break out yet and I know he will. I know him. One of these days he's going to kick it in and come out firing. Also at SAM, (Greg) Carothers and (Tyler) Krambrink are good players and that will be one to watch. And of course, a player has to emerge at safety." Top Stories