Former Missouri women's assistant Michael Porter Sr. talks about his opportunity to coach for his friend and mentor Lorenzo Romar

New Husky basketball coach Michael Porter Sr. turned down Lorenzo Romar once, but the second time was the charm for the Husky head coach as he was able to lure the longtime assistant coach away from the Missouri women's program after a lot of discussions...

"I've known Lorenzo for a very long time," Porter Sr. told  "I respect everything about him and I'm excited about the opportunity not just to work with him, but also to learn from him.

"He does a good job of recruiting and endearing himself to players so that's something I want to learn from.

"For me, my passion is player development. I will just be adding what I see to what they already have. I will have a different perspective coming from the women's side and I don't know how much of it will translate, so for me it will be a learning curve, but when I was out there last week I got to see them going through some individual workouts and I can't wait to jump in."

Porter has spent the past three seasons with the Missouri women's team where his daughters Bri and Cerra play and he turned Romar down a year ago to stay close to his daughters.

"It was extremely difficult to say no, but in hindsight it was the right decision," Porter Sr. said. "I had two daughters who played for Missouri and one of them was starting her freshman year, so it was better for our girls to remain in Columbia for another year."

Now Porter Sr. and his wife, Lisa, will leave their two eldest children and take the other six kids with them to the West Coast.

"It won't be easy to move them," Porter Sr. admitted. "It's hard just taking six kids to a restaurant let alone a new city. It won't be easy -- my wife will have to start over -- getting our bearings, learning wear to shop, learning how to drive the city, stuff like that, but if that's as hard as our lives get, then we're doing pretty good."

It's no secret that Porter Sr. has two son's  -- Michael Jr. (2017) and Jontay (2018) -- who are considered top-level recruits and Washington is very much in the mix for Michael, one of the top five players in the country, while Jontay has already committed to the Huskies.

"I have no idea where (Michael) is headed, but I know we're going to be recruiting him hard," Porter Sr. noted. "Ultimately it's his decision and we were up front when we were talking about (joining the staff) that this was not about Michael coming too. They were separate things and we've kept them that way."

As far as when his family will join him, Porter Sr. said he doesn't have a timeline, but it will happen at some point this summer.

"My kids have got to finish out stuff and we have to fulfill those commitments so for a while, I will be bouncing between Missouri and Seattle," Porter Sr. noted. "My wife is an incredible woman and all she's known since we got married was our family. We've home schooled all of our kids and we're actually still home schooling three of the kids, but Lisa's a smart woman and once she could separate her feelings from breaking up the family (geographically) she could see the logic and the good in this move."

Before he became an assistant coach, Porter was the Tigers Director of Basketball operations for three years where some of his responsibilities included creating highlight videos and special presentation videos for the basketball program as well as video editing and preparation for opponent scouting. He also played a major part in improving the program's social media outreach efforts, updating the computer software used in the staff's daily operations and creating team publications. Top Stories