2017 Juanita (Kirkland, Wa.) ATH Salvon Ahmed talks about his last two visits before the summer

2017 Juanita (Kirkland, Wa.) ATH Salvon Ahmed updated Dawgman.com about where he's headed over the next two weeks as well as when he sees himself making his decision...


"Things have been going good," Ahmed told Dawgman.com. "I have a couple of visits left -- Washington this coming weekend and then Stanford on the 21st (of May) for their Junior Day -- and then I'm going to come back home and just sort of relax for a little bit."

Ahmed has been up to Washington several times, so there won't be much in the way of "new" for him, but he said he's looking forward to spending time with the staff.

"I really like the staff there and we have a real good comfort-level," Ahmed said. "My family is going to go up with me and we'll just have lunch with the coaches and spend time just talking about stuff.

"When I talk with coach (Chris) Petersen, very little of it is about football. We mostly just talk about life, what I'm up to, stuff like that. It's a really comfortable feel for me there."

Washington already has two close friends of Ahmed -- Hunter Bryant and Connor Wedington -- committed for the 2017 class and he said those two have been letting him know where they think he should play his college ball.

"Oh yeah, they're in my ear a lot, but it's cool. I know they want to keep playing with me," Ahmed said of his two 7v7 teammates. "Those guys are definitely a consideration when it comes to where I'll play, but obviously it's about more than just that. 

"I'm just looking for the right fit, the place I see myself being for the next four years, the place that can set me up for after football because of the kind of education I can get. 

"Playing with friends would be great and it will be something I consider, but it's not the only thing I'll be thinking about when I decide."

Ahmed took a visit to Oregon almost two weeks ago for Oregon's spring game and he said he had a great time in Eugene.

"It was a lot of fun there," Ahmed noted. "My family goes with me on all of my visits, so it was good for them to see what it was like there and I think they had a really good time. 

"(Oregon) sees me as an athlete, but they said they like me as a tailback. They think I could fit into their system there pretty well."

Ahmed said he plans to narrow things down this summer and hopes to take at least a few official visits before he'll be ready to decide.

"I'm not in a hurry," Ahmed said. "I'd like to take at least a few visits. I might not take all five visits, but I'd definitely like to take at least a few visits, so I'm probably looking at committing during the season or shortly after my senior season is over."

Ahmed will only hit one camp this year and it will be the Oakland Nike Opening Regional event the day after the Stanford Junior Day (May 22nd) and that will likely be the only camp he hits this spring.

"I was going to go to the one in Seattle, but it's the last weekend of May and that's when our track state championships are, so I decided to go to the Oakland one," Ahmed said. "There will be some great competition there, so I know I'll need to bring my best when I'm there."

This spring, Ahmed has a PR of 11.0 in the 100 meters, but hopes to get his time down before regionals and state.

"I'm hoping to get down to a 10.9 or 10.8 before the end of the month," Ahmed said. "I'm hoping to get (to state) individually and I think I will, but I know we'll get there with our 4x100 team. We had the fastest time in the state (44.2) up until about 10 days ago when Lincoln (Tacoma, Wa.) beat it, so we definitely want to get to state to face those guys."

As a junior this past season, Ahmed totaled over 2,000 yards of offense while scoring close to 30 touchdowns. He also had 45 tackles and four interceptions on the defensive side of the ball.

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