A look at the top 25 prospects in the state of Washington

In the third installment of our series on the top 25 in-state players from the 2017 recruiting class we focus on prospects 11 through 15 with a look at what each player brings to the table and where things stand on the recruiting front...


#15: Greene is a dominant interior offensive line prospect. He's great in a short area, he explodes into defensive linemen and he's smart. Since he's such a good leader, Greene's coaches have decided to move him inside from left tackle, where he played as a junior, to the pivot. So far the only two offers for Greene are from Montana and Montana State, but once he hits the camp circuit this summer, he has the chance to draw even more interest from schools after they get a look at his sleeker frame as he's lost almost 20 pounds since the end of the season.


#14: Moore is one of the top covermen in the entire region, but so far, his only offer is from Eastern Washington. Moore has great change-of-direction skills and outstanding quickness, but he's a bit on the small side, so schools are still playing the "wait and see" game. Moore has been to plenty of Junior Days and visited several schools to meet with the coaches and it seems like he's on the cusp of seeing several more offers flow in once he hits the camp circuit this summer.


#13: When you talk about versatile prospects, Gurley fits that mold. We here at Dawgman.com have been praising Gurley's abilities for a while and schools are starting to take notice as Eastern Washington offered relatively recently and he's got several more schools that have started to pick things up. Gurley could play corner, safety, out of the slot or out wide as a receiver. He's great with the ball in his hands and he has a knack for being around the ball on defense.


#12: A three-year starter on the two-time defending state champions' offensive line, McKnight has been through the wars, facing some of the best the state has to offer. McKnight is absolutely one of the toughest players you will find -- he played most of his sophomore season with torn labrums in both shoulders -- and he's smart. What he lacks in elite athleticism and size, McKnight makes up for with sound technique and a physical style of play. He's just relentless, constantly pounding away at the defensive linemen that are across from him. Currently, McKnight holds offers from Montana State, Idaho and Air Force, but you can expect several more schools to pick things up after they get a look at him during the summer.


#11: Boston is an outstanding wideout with great ball skills, above-average athleticism and the height lots of schools are looking for when they look for a receiver. Boston's only two offers right now are from Eastern Washington and Air Force, but schools from across the Pac 12 and Mountain West have all been by Emerald Ridge to check in on him and let him know they like what they've seen so far.

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