Keith Gilberton quotes - 8/10

Gilby talks about being down at Evergreen, where hopefully the distraction will be at a minimum, who is jumping out early, and what he expects from Rich Alexis.

On the first practice with full pads: I'm pleased with a lot of things and the tempo was pretty good. We'd been in shoulder pads for two days, and today was the first day in complete pads, but like everything else, now we're starting to get practice into five and the pad level has got to come down. It was a good day's work.

On training at The Evergreen State College: I think they sense that if you stay on campus you never really are by yourself. There are other teams there and it's not convenient. You're up on campus and you have to come down to the athletic facilities. I think they enjoy it here because you are here by yourself. It's just football, and football players like that. So if you are a football player wannabe you are going to like this lifestyle. It just feels right with so much going on on campuses now, you're never distraction free early on unless you get away from campus a little bit. Hopefully we can do this all the time. The people here just do a fabulous job. This is real good for the Huskies.

On contact during practice: You've got to have some. It helps to play the game if you have some. We have a sense of what's the right amount.

On those that have impressed: Those young receivers really continue to make plays. When the quarterbacks throw the ball where they are supposed to those kids go get it. I thought Anthony Russo, for a guy who was a high school tailback, gets a little better every practice. It'll be fun to get Charles Smith out there tomorrow.

On the quarterbacks' performance today: I don't think the quarterbacks threw the ball that well today on the move. I was really disappointed in that. There were a lot of poor moves, I thought, when the guys were on the move.

On injury updates: Mike Thompson is getting an MRI tomorrow and a decision will be made on Derrick Bradley when we get back to campus. I didn't want to not take him down here. I wanted him to continue to learn. They told me Thompson would be back Tuesday.

On the practice schedule: We'll bang in both practices tomorrow. We'll put on the shoulder pads in the morning and pad it back up again in the afternoon. Most of the mornings will be helmets and shoulder pads, maybe some pass emphasis. Heavy run emphasis will be better in the afternoon with full pads.

On Rich Alexis: I think Rich is getting in better shape and his back is better. My guess is that he's going to jump out at us one of these days. That's what I'm hoping.

On the punting game: You've got to do that every day. Those guys have to have a dose of that, an urgency. It was a little better today. You've just got to grind at that every day to get better at it. We'll continue to coach them hard and try to get them where we think (the punting game) where it needs to be. Top Stories