Who stood out in Sunday's May Madness event at Foster High School in Renton, Wa.

Here's a look at some of the top players that were on hand at Foster High School in Tukwila (Wa.) on Sunday for Tracy Ford's May Madness event...


Analysis: The Husky commit showed what he could do in one-on-one action, teaming up with future teammate, 2018 Bothell (Wa.) QB Jacob Sirmon, to dominate their reps. Wedington recently ran a 10.92 100 meters and his hard work really showed during the three hour workout, displaying outstanding quickness and athleticism.


Analysis: Ahmed was the only person to win a rep vs. 2016 Notre Dame signee Chase Claypool. Ahmed worked out strictly with the defensive backs and he showed great ball-awareness, excellent change-of-direction skills and his competitive nature really came out when he faced off against some of the top players in attendance. 


Analysis: White has become a rising star in the state with offers pouring in over the past month. He is big and he's really improved his technique over the past year. One area in need of improvement is his strength and he looks like he's really started to re-shape his body and added some muscle to his frame. During the lineman one-on-ones, White held his own against some of the top pass-rushers including Bonney Lake's Caleb Davis and Edmonds Woodway's Ali Gaye.


Analysis: We've been talking about Gaye for close to a year now. On the hoof, he was one of the most impressive players in attendance. At 6'5" and over 230 pounds, Gaye is very athletic for a young man his size and what is even scarier is that he's just now starting to "get it" after only playing football for three years. Gaye has the frame to add another 40 pounds pretty easily and he could be a very good strongside defensive end in college after a year or two of seasoning with his long arms and athleticism.


Analysis: Otton showed good hands and the ability to get open regularly in one-on-one and full team work. He definitely hurt the defense in the short and intermediate zones, regularly presenting a nice target for the quarterbacks. Otton has long arms and he's a very good blocker as well, and his stock has been rising in recent weeks with offers flowing in from several schools.


Analysis: Moore was named one of the top defensive backs at the camp, regularly locking down the receivers he faced off against. What he lacks in height, Moore makes up in moxy and ball skills. He has a knack for getting his hand in and knocking a ball away even when he's beaten.


Analysis: Gurley looked good working as a defensive back on Sunday. He has outstanding quickness and he rarely gets out-muscled at the line. Gurley could be a factor in college on either side of the ball, but defensive back looks like where he'll end up at the next level.


Analysis: Wellsfry was named as one of the top offensive linemen at the camp. With his long frame and arms, Wellsfry is tough to beat when he sets up in pass-protection. While he has the length to play tackle, the way he carries his weight, I think he might be a better fit inside at the next level.


Analysis: We didn't know much about Blasco at the start of camp, but he sure did pop onto our radar by the end of it. Blasco is big, with long arms and he has a bit of nasty in him too. Stadium hasn't been a destination for coaches for quite some time, but several schools have already dropped by to check in on him and with the way he moves for a young man his size, don't be surprised if he earns some offers before the start of the football season.


Analysis: Sunday was a bit unfair to Lindsay as he was matched up in single-coverage on several super-athletic kids -- Connor Wedington being one of them -- but the senior-to-be loves to compete and he showed the ability to adapt and won his fair share of reps as well.


Analysis: Greene will make the move inside to center for his senior season. He's a wide-body who moves pretty well. On Sunday, Greene was named as one of the top linemen at the camp even though he couldn't use his best feature which is his drive blocking.


Analysis: Jenks is a player who has started to pop up on recruiting radars now that coaches are able to get out on the road and see players work out in person. He's strong and he has the "it" factor as a leader. His only drawback is that he plays for a small school in eastern Washington. On Sunday, against some of the top covermen in the region, Jenks put the ball on the money, showed outstanding arm-strength.


Analysis: Sirmon looks like he's added at least an inch or two in height since we last saw him. He's also added some bulk to his frame, topping out now at just over 220 pounds. Sirmon teamed up with future teammate Connor Wedington on several reps and dropped the ball in on several corner and go routes where the receiver was covered well.

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