Rob Lewis: Finding his Niche

A wide-eyed Rob Lewis is getting an opportunity to learn the SAM linebacker position while playing behind two seniors, Greg Carothers and Tyler Krambrink. He's enjoyed his first week in Seattle, and took a moment in between practices to talk to recently.

Every year around this time of year as fall camps kick off around the country, each team gets a chance to look at their incoming class of freshman.

Invariably, some recruits show up looking shorter and slower than they appeared on the muddied recruiting tapes, while other "diamonds in the rough" turn into treasures on the field.

At the University of Washington, they appear to have found one of those diamonds in Rob Lewis, a rangy linebacker who chose the UW after the University of Southern California backed off on their commitment.

"(USC) tried to back out of their commitment to me, and they tried to ask me to greyshirt," said Lewis, explaining the situation. "I started wanting to take trips to other colleges but (UW receivers coach) Bobby Kennedy wouldn't let me go to any other colleges.

"I was going to trip to UCLA and I tripped to Stanford before choosing Washington.

"Kennedy would not let me go. I thought that if he wanted me this bad Washington was the place to be."

Since arriving in Seattle a little over a week ago, Lewis has lined up at SAM linebacker behind seniors Greg Carothers and Tyler Krambrink. The freshman forsees the duo of Carothers, a three-year starter, and Krambrink, a fifth-year senior, as the perfect mentors for him.

"They are both seniors so they both have a lot of experience and know what it takes to play at the college," Lewis said.

With experienced players ahead of him, the main focus now for the 6-foot-5 linebacker isn't playing on the field in 2003. Redshirting doesn't concern him. Lewis says all his attention is on learning as much as possible.

"I just want to make sure that I have everything down before I step on the field," Lewis.

When that happens, whenever it may be, opposing offenses won't be happy. Top Stories