Coach Keith Gilbertson Quotes 8/11

For the first time since fall camp started last Wednesday, the Husky football team had to battle the weather. Head Coach Keith Gilbertson talked about that, the departure of another player, and the upcoming camp schedule following practice on Monday.

On the weather: The weather won't keep us from doing anything. We will just stay the course and keep trying to do the things in practice that we need to do. Every once in a while in the northwest you have to play in this. It's all a part of the deal.

On Cory Jones: He left the team. He's a great kid and we wish him well.

On the fullback position: We pretty much played two fullbacks all season last season. Now we have three once Zach (Tuiasosopo's) things get resolved. That won't be resolved by Ohio State, so we'll go with Ty Eriks and we'll go with Adam Seery. We do a lot of other things with the extra tight ends and all those things that kind of play that position anyway, so in terms of that position we are okay.

On Ty Eriks: I think he's a really good runner. He made a really nice run today on the inside portion of the option and his catching and blocking have improved, so his game is better. But he's been at the position now two years. I expected him to improve.

On the backup quarterback situation: I don't think until we scrimmage some and really get into some live situations and see people move the ball, I don't think you can make that call (as to who will be the backup quarterback).

On Greg Carothers: He's a great player and I think he's doing fine. Our tight ends are big people and he seems to handle that fine so I'm not concerned. Tyler Krambrink gives us some great depth at that (SAM linebacker) position.

On the runningbacks: They kind of take turns. I thought Shelton (Sampson) had a couple really fine moves and runs today. Chris (Singleton) had a couple good runs, and then bam, Rich (Alexis) ran one up there. It's a race and the competition is good. If somebody really wants to be the starting tailback at Washington, he's going to have to compete for the job. That's a positive.

On Tuesday's schedule: We're back to only one practice, so we're back to how it was on Sunday. Except now when you are not practicing you can have a walk-through, but you can't have any balls or slugs or helmets. You can go out and have a walk-through. We'll go out in the morning and have a walk-through, then we'll meet, then each side of the ball will lift, then we'll come back out and have a practice like you saw (Sunday). It's a longer practice in the afternoon.

On practicing overtime: One thing I'd really like to practice is overtime. We've never really practiced overtime before and we were in two in recent years and went 1-and-1. I want them to get the feel of offense and defense and who's up and let's go.

On injuries: Erik Berglund had shortness of breath after the morning practice and doctors felt like it needed a look so he went and had it scanned. It was all negative so he'll be back. It's the usual stuff now. You're going to get some groins and some hamstrings and some soreness. One guy, Mike Mizuha, fractured a hand but they are going to cast it and practice him. It's the stuff that everyone goes through at training camp. That's why this isn't for everybody. Top Stories