Eifler anxious to get rolling at UW

By the time their Washington careers are done, they may be called the Three Amigos. But Camilo Eifler, Sean McGrew and Brandon Wellington have already built a bond that’s set to last. Dawgman.com spoke with Eifler to find out more as the 2016 recruiting class gets set to invade UW in June.


“Yeah, we pretty much already have that set up,” Camilo Eifler told Dawgman. “Sean (McGrew) is already one of my closest friends, damn near best friends. I call him my brother. And same with Brandon. All three of us, real cool guys.”

Recent pictures of Eifler at the Opening regionals in his hometown of Oakland showed off Eifler’s work toward getting bigger, faster, and stronger. “Last time I checked I was over 220 (pounds),” he said. “It fluctuates every week. Sometimes after dinner I weigh myself and I’m like 225. The next morning I’ll be 221. I’m definitely in that range. 6-2, and around 220-225. This time last year I was real little. I think I went to The Opening at 210, maybe even less. I was a little filled out, but not as much.”

Part of that weight gain has to do with hitting the gym and lifting more. “I just started taking it way more seriously,” Eifler said. “I’ve been going three times a week and doing my conditioning on top of that. Sometimes I’m hitting the weight, like 45 or 25, and it’s nothing. You’re kind of shocking yourself. Is this me doing this?”

And part of looking bigger is getting pictures taken next to the 5-foot-7 McGrew, who Eifler spent a bunch of time with at last year’s Opening finals in Beaverton. Future UW teammate Byron Murphy was also at the finals. 

“He enhances my strength by a little bit,” Eifler said of McGrew. 

Eifler even looks big compared to Wellington when the two met up again during UW’s recent Spring Event. “Brandon, since (Eastside Catholic) used him so much he couldn’t play at a normal linebacker weight,” Eifler said. “He had to play running back, play safety. He was just that all-purpose guy. If he had added that much I don’t think the coaching staff would want you that heavy.”

By now the two linebackers have become close. “I talk to him all the time,” Eifler said of Wellington. “We’re both probably going to be competing…I don’t know what it’s looking like for redshirts, but they’re either going to have us at the same position or at different positions. Probably him strong side and me weak side, or me strong side him weak side - flip-flop that around.”

Eifler and McGrew planning on rooming together, and the tandem of Eifler and Wellington on the field may have Washington fans looking back at the partnership of Azeem Victor and Keishawn Bierria as a basis for comparison.  

“Brandon is going to be that guy, I already know him and gonna be looking to the left and to the right, saying ‘we’ve gotta make this play!’,” said Eifler. “We’re going to do it. He’s a great football player, can’t wait to compete with him and make him better and have him make me better.”

Wellington certainly be measured against Bierria in one respect, especially if he ends up with his favored number 7 after Keishawn graduates. But what about Eifler? Is he going after 36 when Victor matriculates? 

“I’ve been pushing the whole coaching staff and Justin Glenn to get number 1,” said Eifler. 

It’s available now that John Ross has moved back to offense full-time. The last defensive player to wear number 1 was Sean Parker. 

Eifler just finished up his last full week of classes. This week he’ll be taking his finals at Bishop O’Dowd and then graduation is June 5th. He will move to Seattle June 24th and orientation for the LEAP is the next day. 

The next four weeks can’t come soon enough for Eifler. “Since spring break, I’ve been pushing myself,” he said. “Why am I coming here? Stuff like that. But my grades are still at a 3.4 GPA. My parents are on top of me. Just looking to finish out the year strong.”

Who has been in contact with him since signing day? “I’ve been talking to Coach Pete a lot, Coach (Chris) Strausser, he came down to check out Alijah (Vera-Tucker), and Coach (Bob) Gregory,” Eifler said.

And his conversations with Petersen? “He just wants me to keep recruiting the local guys - Alijah…he told me to recruit Alex Cook but he just committed, so there’s no need for that,” added Eifler. “There’s a couple other guys I’m in contact through Twitter with, doing that. One of my friends in SoCal, his name’s Elijah as well. He goes to La Mirada, Elijah Hicks. He’s a DB. I’m trying to get him, he has a little honey badger, Tyrann Matthieu, in him. I like him a lot, smart kid too. The last couple weeks they just offered him. And Osiris St. Brown, yup. He’s an elite receiver from Mater Dei. I’ve been talking to him a little bit on Twitter. I finally got Tyjon (Lindsey)  but then he released his top-10 and it was like, there it goes (laughs). 

“Who else? There’s a couple Bishop Gorman kids…there’s one corner, Alex Perry, he’s pretty good. Bubba (Bolden), I know he’s still trying to take some officials, so I’m trying to get him on board.”

And if there’s a chance, Eifler would love to get back down to Beaverton in July to re-live - in part - his Opening experience. “Hopefully,” he said. “It’s not mandatory lifting or anything like that, so I’ll be able to drive down with probably Sean (McGrew) or maybe Budda (Baker) or somebody like that and come down and talk to the guys. That would be great. The Opening was an amazing experience.”

Baker, like Eifler, McGrew and Murphy, was also a Finals participant, and Eifler recalled his initial encounter with the UW junior safety. “The first time I met him he was completely quiet, and the second and third time he kind of eased up,” Eifler said. “That kid is weird! But in a good way. He’s a funny guy. I like him a lot. If he doesn’t know you, he’s not going to talk to you.”

Hunter Bryant and Marlon Tuipulotu are two finals invitees that are currently committed to Washington. Another commit, Connor Wedington, is waiting to hear if he’s been invited, and there will be other UW recruiting targets there, including Salvon Ahmed, Wyatt Davis, Hunter Echols, Darnay Holmes, Tyjon Lindsey, Elijah Molden, and Foster Sarell.


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