A look at some of the players that stuck out during Memorial Day's Battle In Seattle 7v7 event

There was a lot of talent on hand for the Battle In Seattle 7v7 event at Kentwood High School on Memorial Day and we take a look at some of the players who stood out...


Fresh off his stellar performance at the Seattle Opening Regional event on Saturday, Wedington had at least one pick today that we saw. Wedington played only defense for his FSP team. He typically plays on one side with Salvon Ahmed playing corner and Wedington playing safety, but Ahmed didn't play Monday. A superior athlete who continues to get better and better. 


Looked more comfortable Monday than he did at the Opening regional Saturday at the VMAC. Wasn't pressing as much with the intermediate throws. Still throws a pretty deep ball, which connected more than a few times. He's going to be a very good player in time.


Anderson impresses the moment you see him step on the field. He's a legit 6'4", 210 pounds and on Monday he showed how much he's progressed as a receiver over the past year. Anderson didn't drop a pass from what we were able to see and he showed the ability to get open and even when he was covered he was able to come down with the ball. He'll be one to watch in the 2018 recruiting class.


Gamble has a great frame and new Union head coach Rory Rosenbach is pretty excited about the different ways he'll be able to use Gamble in his offense. The big athlete has soft hands and enough quickness to get open vs. safeties and he's getting better at learning how to use his body to shield off defenders. On Monday, Gamble was a nice check down for the Union quarterbacks and he was able to make several defenders miss in space as well. Doubtful he's a Pac 12-level kid, but definitely could find a home at a Mountain West or Big Sky school and be a real threat in the passing game.


Wasn't really tested that much Monday out on his side of the field, but when he was he usually came up with the play. Stronger than probably given credit for, Gilchrist has a chance to be that next lock-down corner at UW in a couple years. 


Played one of the inside linebacker positions, which is never a fun job in 7-on-7 games simply because they don't have the luxury of the help given from a pass rush, etc... But Wellington has always looked good on the hoof and Monday was no different.


Hughes-Murray was always one of our favorite in-state players and he showed up at a lean 245 pounds, dropping from around 15% body fat to 8%. He looked solid in coverage, but that's not where he'll make his money at the next level. Unfortunately, 7v7 doesn't allow linebackers like Hughes-Murray to do what he does best -- be a physical presence at the point of attack. 


When you talk about players passing the look test, Daigbe is the definition of that cliche. He's 6'1" and nearly 220 pounds of rock solid muscle. He told us his body fat is down to 4% and we believe it. The problem? He wants to play wide receiver at Central Washington and he might be too yoked to do that. By the way, the Central coaches have to be doing backflips that Daigbe was still available. He's a Pac 12-level athlete that had some struggles qualifying, so he fell through the cracks.


There are other tight ends that are bigger and/or more athletic, but Moos just gets it done. He's physical when he runs his routes, be ran over and through several would-be defenders on Monday, and he has soft hands. Another thing we like about Moos is his knowledge of defenses and his ability to find the open spot in the secondary. 


Hampton had a solid day for FSP. He got open consistently and showed solid ball skills when he had to track things down. Hampton is an underrated receiver with Eastern Washington the only school to offer so far. Expect more as he hits the camp circuit this summer.


Morris is already a very experienced player and he'll be just a sophomore this season. Morris has a presence when he's at the helm of the attack and he was picking apart some of the more talented secondaries at the Battle In Seattle. The talented signal-caller should see recruiting start to blow up during the fall once schools get a look at his improvement from his freshman to sophomore season.


The biggest issue with Ziomas is his size. He's got the requisite arm strength and he understands where to go with the ball and things seemed to be slowing down for him a bit from the last time we saw him on the field. 


The one thing you could always say about Krenz was that he catches everything thrown his way. On Monday, the Washington State walk-on was decidedly unreliable with several drops of what should have been easy catches. Krenz understands how to run routes and he gets open on almost every play, so we'll just chalk it up to an off day. There is no question he is a great fit in Mike Leach's system and he'll be putting up some big numbers there before he leaves.


Brown used to be part of the FSP group, but decided to hook up with the Bomb Squad and he looked very good running out of the slot and as a tailback. Brown is set to walk-on at Washington next spring, he'll take the fall off as he trains and lifts to get ready to play for the Huskies, where he'll be a safety.


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