Coach Gilbertson Quotes 8/12

Husky head coach Keith Gilbertson gave insight Tuesday on which players have made the biggest impressions in camp so far. A redshirt freshman linebacker from the San Diego area was atop his list.

On the scrimmage-like end to practice: It was what we call thud tempo, when we make some full-speed collisions. We weren't really finishing people off, but it was good intensity. We only went once today, so it should have been good.

On the freshman receivers: They are going to make some freshman mistakes and run routes at the wrong depth, but for the most part those guys make plays. That's the thing. Even if the route isn't exactly right, they make the catch and the next thing you know they are running with the ball. It's an awfully talented group of kids and they all have that big-play ability to run after the catch. They all are pretty good. They all seem to do something about once a day. It's a good crew.

On who's made an early impression in camp: Jerome Stevens you'd have to start on the inside. I think he's played very well this camp, you notice him. I think Ban Bandel has made a good push. Jon Lyons. Tusi Sa'au. Matt Fountaine. Probably a guy who jumps out most is Scott White, because every time I look up he's making a play. He's hitting a tailback or he's around the ball. There are a lot of guys who are having really great camps. There is still a lot of camp to go, but some guys are making impressions on me.

On Chris Massey's injury: He's got a hamstring injury. We kept him out today. It was tightening up so we took the cautious route and said to stay off of it for the day.

On Shelton Sampson's injury: Shelton got a migraine at the end of the dive drill so when we got to the 9-on-7 run. We had to hold him out. He has those, that's why he has that face shield on his helmet.

On Joe Toledo's injury: We held Joe out with a groin. We held him out and he should be back tomorrow, but if he can't that's okay. He won't forget how to play in a couple days.

On Clarence "Dre" Simpson: He's a nice sized, big corner who really runs fast and wants to play. I'm really impressed. We've seen him do a lot of good things.

On Terry Johnson: He's been very good in camp. He's had eight fine practices start to finish. One thing about Terry is that he can make some great plays and then take a play off every now and then. Terry has got to want to be a great player every play, snap after snap, every play every day. Top Stories