Practice news and notes - 8/13 AM

On a beautiful Wednesday morning, the Washington coaches started moving inventory in what has been the most teaching-oriented practice of the fall camp so far at TESC. Lots of techniques being honed on all ends of the field, finished off by two periods of spirited 11-11 play. Expect this afternoon's practice tempo to be off the charts.

Some more names were added to the walking wounded Wednesday morning. Sam Cunningham and Ben Bandel were seen wearing red and seen stetching out with the other players with similar hamsting/groin injuries - Joe Toledo, Chris Massey and Clayton Ramsey. The status of Charles Smith, Derrick Bradley and Josiah Wilfong also remained unchanged.

Shelton Sampson was not at practice this morning, clearing the way for Kenny James to make a move. In his best practice to date, the redshirt frosh from Dos Palos, California ran hard and with authority, gaining kudos from RB's coach Chuck Heater. Rich Alexis moved up and also got some reps with the twos. It appears that Rich is gaining ground by the practice.

It may have been a slight gain, but Casey Paus' work with the twos today should help solidify his standing as Cody Pickett's backup come August 30th. The RS soph from New Lenox, Illinois continues to make smart decisions in the pocket and is gaining confidence with more reps. Isaiah Stanback is still a whirling dervish out of the pocket and his game-breaking ability is unquestioned. But his decision-making is not up to the level of Paus so far and his athleticism may not be enough in and of itself to unseat Paus.

The true frosh receiving corps didn't have as big a day as they've had in the past collectively, but Corey Williams continues to shine and be a big physical presence out wide. Bobby Whithorne struggled for the first time all camp to hold onto the ball, more a product of lapses in concentration than ability. Quintin Daniels caught a pretty ball from Paus, but his alligator arms tipped his hand. He was waiting for James Sims to blast him. But give the young guys credit - for the most part they are doing what it takes to hang onto the ball, something that is a sea change from two years ago at camp. Back then it seemed the WR's couldn't catch a cold.

Scott White continues to make play after play. The San Diego LB picked off Stanback's first pass with the twos, a beautiful high tip that he gathered in. Evan Benjamin was there to greet White with a celebratory helmet smack. Marquis Cooper is certainly the incumbent WIL, but watch out for White. They may not be able to keep him off the field.

Benjamin, Jimmy Newell, Owen Biddle, and James Sims all continue to battle for the starting safety spots and all are showing signs of taking their game to the next level. There's no question that position is solid at the two-deeps, but no one player has emerged to grab a starting nod, something that has to concern safeties coach Cornell Jackson.

In the absence of Massey and Cunningham, Clarence 'Dre' Simpson is getting more and more reps at corner. He's huge, and at 6-3 is a rangy presence out on the edges. He's getting beat from time to time, but he's reacting just like a good corner should - with a short memory.

Now the starting trio rotation for Phil Snow appears to be Roc Alexander, Derrick Johnson and Matt Fountaine.

As for the linemen, Manase Hopoi (interception) and Tui Alailefaleula all had nice plays for the defense during the 11-11's, while Jon Lyon took advantage of Toledo and Bandel being out to make some nice grabs at tight end. The linemen really won't get a chance to butt heads until this afternoon.

Another scout in the house: A scout for the San Francisco 49'ers was seen at practice this morning.

A familiar face: Back from Florida, John Anderson is back in the Evergreen State and was at practice today. John is still in the process of finishing up his degree.

Honks abound: KJR 950AM broadcasted live from Olympia this morning, as the Husky Honks were in attendance. Dave 'Softy' Mahler, Hugh Millen and Dick Baird were all on air, with special guest, our own David 'Dawgman' Samek! Top Stories