Coach Gilbertson Quotes 8/13

Head Coach Keith Gilbertson took a couple minutes to address the latest issues with the team Wednesday. The hot topics included the growing list of injuries, Shelton Sampson's migraine headaches, and the status of Nate Robinson.

On injuries: That happens all the time. You are going to get guys banged up at training camp and some guys are going to have to just fight through it. It isn't supposed to be easy, and it's not.

On Wednesday's practice: You are 10 practices into it. You have had some hot days. You're going at a quick pace. You are going to have some times where you are not as sharp or as crisp as you would want, but you are going to have to fight through. I'm not discouraged. We have a lot of guys – 11 or 12 of our top 44 – but they'll be back. This is what training camp is all about. You are supposed to go through this.

On Marquis Cooper's injury: He just gimped up a little bit. We decided to pull him out instead of pushing him through it. He'll be back.

On who'll be ready for Saturday's scrimmage: I would think you'll have the opportunity to see just about anybody out there on Saturday, as long as they make progress in the next couple days.

On Reggie's injury: It's kind of Reggie's M.O. during training camp. He's had a bad hamstring and now his lower back is kind of bothering him. He could go, but today we just wanted to hold him out. He practiced this morning, so we'll monitor him and get him back out there.

On Shelton Sampson's migraine headaches: It's a concern, obviously. You don't like to see kids have those. They seem to have gotten worse the last couple days, so we are going to take him into town and get him looked at again. Maybe there is something they can do for him. He's missed some real valuable work, too. The last two days have been real important practices. We need to get him back out on the field.

On Chris Hemphill and Juan Garcia: The saga with these guys is crazy. I expect (Chris Hemphill) any day – by plane, train, automobile, bus, hitchhike.

On the possibilities of Nate Robinson returning this season: I had a couple of people, nobody in Nate's family, say, ‘hey if Nate wanted to come back this fall could he play.' I said that I think it's best that Nate fulfill his commitment to basketball this fall like he said he was going to do for Lorenzo (Romar). Then, if he misses it and really wants to come back next Spring, he could come back then. We've been through Spring, we've been through Summer, and he hadn't been with us. There were a couple of other guys that I heard wanted to come back, and I just said, ‘no, we are going to go with the guys that have hung in there and worked all year. He's now made a commitment to basketball and I think he should fulfill it.

On whether the backup quarterbacks will be live for contact in Saturday's scrimmage: I don't know, we are talking about it. Possibly, we may do that. The threes are not going to. (Cody) Pickett won't, maybe the other kids will. Top Stories